6 Paypal Nigeria Limitations To Know Before You Create Account

Six Paypal Nigeria limitations and solutions
Six Paypal Nigeria limitations

Paypal is a perfect solution when it comes to performing transactions online. It allows those who makes money online to make online payment,send money to other people as well as receive money. It has helped millions of people to perform transactions online in a simple way.

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Paypal account gives the owner the ability to receive online payment with just their email address on like form of payment services that requires more than that for you to make payment.This is one of the good features of Paypal that makes it stand out from others. You can receive money/payment using Paypal but wait, that is not in Nigeria. This inability to send fund/payment  using Nigeria Paypal account is one of the limitations placed on Nigerian Paypal Account of which we are going to show you in this article.

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Paypal Limitations on Nigeria have been the reason why most people prefer living this country in other to find their way out. In fact, many people have been writing to Paypal to see how this problem can be solved but all is to no avail. Paypal keep saying that they are working hard to fix this problem. When contacted, you will receive a mail like the one below;

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Dear Chuwuka Solomon,

I hope you’er doing fine. I am John Paulo from Paypal International Customer Solution and I would like to help you today with receiving payments.

Because of Nigeria strict financial rules and regulations, they are not allowing Nigeria accounts receive any fund. Rather your account won’t really have any API or link any website to receive payments.

Nigeria only agreed to use Paypal for online shopping and making purchases or payments.

We didn’t mean to offend you in any way,this is not a form of hate and we are not discriminating you.Rather what happening right now is because of your country’s strict financial regulation that we need to comply with.

Rest assured,Paypal is already making move so that your country can consider using Paypal for you to receive money.On the bright side,we’re constantly working towards expanding our services to include this feature since it would be beneficial to both of us to offer this to you.We are doing our best to make this feature available in the near future .


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That’s what they keep telling us every time. But I have a solution to that just click on this How To Create Paypal Account That Send And Receive Money In Nigeria || Latest Method to get the solutions.

let’s now take a look at the 6 limitations to Nigeria Paypal Account.

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6 Paypal Nigeria Limitations To Know Before Opening Account

Six Paypal Nigeria limitations and solutions
Six Paypal Nigeria limitations

Below are the limitations placed on Nigerian Paypal accounts:

  1. Only one account per person.
  2. There is no way to restore your account if it was banned by the system.
  3. You cannot receive money from other people.
  4. You cannot get money on PayPal account.
  5. You are only able to add your credit or debit cards to your account and pay for goods and services using your cards via PayPal.
  6. You have to be at least 18 years old to open an account.
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As you can see from the above limitations that the one that affects us here in Nigeria the most is that of number 3 and 4. But don’t panic because I have a perfect solution for you just click here to get it.

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However, you have to bear in mind these limitations so as to know what you can do with Nigeria Paypal  account and what you can not do but hey, I have Paypal limitations removal hack for you .

That’s it for now.

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