Cryptocurrency Airdrops – All You Need To know Now As Beginner [The Complete Information]

Free Airdrops

Cryptocurrency is now one of  the most  trending topic on the internet and Airdrops in Cryptocurrency is one of the aspect you don’t want to miss out on. In this information guide, I will be taking yiu through you all you need to know about Crypto Airdrop.

Cryptocurrency Airdrop

When it comes to Cryptocurrency,you can make money from it in a many ways of which Airdrop is one of them. Most of the ways of making money from cryptocurrency  are not legit and secure  and that is why you will not want to miss Airdrops because of it’s one of genuine ways of making money from cryptocurrency

Now let’s look at what is  Airdrop when it comes to Cryptocurrency.

What Is Airdrop In Cryptocurrency


Meaning Of Airdrop In Cryptocurrency
Airdrops In Crypto World

Airdrop in Cryptocurrency is the process of distributing a new cryptocurrency token or coin (usually for free or for performing simple task) to existing  users of a particular existing holders of a particular blockchain currency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum etc.


Let me explain further , if you are having one type of coin, you automatically qualifies to claim other coins/tokens just because you were having the parent coins/tokens on which airdrop is being done.

In simple terms, Airdrop is just giving out coins/tokens to users of cryptocurrencies. Let’s say there is an Airdrop that is giving out of free coin or token is taking place, you have to attain some qualifications which could be either holding a minimum quantity of the cryptocoins in your wallet or you will have to perform some tasks like posting on social media, forums or blog etc.

There are reasons for Airdrops in Cryptocurrency and that will lead to the next line of discussion in this article.

Why Free Airdrops In Cryptocurrency

Free Airdrops

There are many motivations that can lead to free airdrop in cryptocurrency. These reasons for free airdrop in cryptocurrency is what we are going to discuss in details right the way.

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Free Airdrop happens for the following reasons

1. To Create Awareness Of New Crypto Coin

A blockchain-based startups can perform  an airdrop as a promotional activity to promote and create awareness of their crypto coin. This airdrop is being done especially for the holders of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

2. To Reward Earlier Trustworthy Supporters/ Inverstors

Airdrops can be used as a means of rewarding earlier customers or investors with free cryptocurrency tokens. This activity encourages investors to invest more on the platform and also also motivates early investors to hold their parent tokens for longer durations.

3. To Evenly Distribute Total Token Supply

This is another reason why Airdrops happens in cryptocurrency. This is to normalize total coin / token supply so that there is less centralization in terms of bagHODLer holding a large sum with themselves.

Now how can you get these free Airdrops? I will show you how to do that below.


How To Get Free Crypto Airdrops

Free Airdrops

To get free crypto airdrops, you have to do one thing which is staying up to date for the latest crypto airdrops. To do that you have to be online steady but it is not all about being online but being on the rightful places. I will give you some recommendations. You can be visiting any of the sites below:

You can also check for free airdrops on twitter pages. You can also be visiting Infoguiders  for free airdrops.

That’s it for Airdrops in cryptocurrncy, feel free to share this post and subscribe to stay tuned.


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