Airtel Family And Friends Code 2020 – How To Migrate & Add Numbers

Airtel family and friends

Airtel Family and Friends is a tariff paln you need as Airtel user/ customer to enjoy low call rates. In this article we are going to talk all about airtel family and friends code 2020 and also show you how to register, add numbers, view numbers and delete numbers on your Airtel family and friends.

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This page is the perfect place for you to get the information you needed as well as the guide so let’s get started at once.

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What is Airtel Family and Friends plan (FaF)

Airtel Family and Friends package is a tariff plan available to all Airtel prepaid users/customers. It’s a package that is designed to significantly reduce the overall cost of calling your family, relations and loved ones. Airtel is doing this  so that you can spend more talk time  with those special people in your life at low price rate,hence building better relationships.

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Airtel family and friends

This package is a beneficial one but you have to know that the phone numbers you can call at this reduced rate are limited to only those that are in your Family and Friends list. Let’s see how Airtel FaF works in the next paragraph.

How Airtel Family And Friends Operates

Airtel accords you the providence to add a maximum of five numbers to your Family And Friends list with no charges at all. However, you can add more numbers in addition to these 5 other numbers, with  service fee of ₦50 per number you add. It is adviceable to add those numbers you frequently call first before adding others for instance if you frequently call a business partner, you should add it first before relation you don’t frequently call.

How Can I Migrate to Airtel Family and Friends

Most people always ask how to migrate to Airtel family and friends or the Airtel Family and Friends migration code. I want to make it clear that you don’t need any special migration code to activate family and friends on your Airtel sim unlike MTN Family and Friends. All you have to do is simply add a number using the codes and steps am about to show you now. You can add a number, view your list and also remove or delete a number.

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How To  Add A Number To Airtel Family & Friends

If you want to add a number to your  Airtel Family and Friends list, just dial the following codes *311*2*NUMBER# for example if you want to add 07081806413 to your family and friends list, quickly dial *311*2*07081806413# . once done, you will receive a message from Airtel telling you  that a number was successfully added to your Family and Friends list. Henceforth, you can start to make calls at highly reduced rates to this number/numbers. Don’t forget that you can add up to 5 numbers for free.

How To Remove/Delete Numbers From Airtel Friends & Family

If you want to remove/delete a number from your Airtel Family and Friends list, just dial  *311*3*NUMBER# for example  if you want to delete 07081806413 from your Family and Friends List, dial *311*3*07081806413# and you will receive a notification from Airtel will telling you that a number has been removed from your Airtel Family and Friends list.

Code To Check or View Numbers On Family and Friends list 

Some people ask what is the  code to check or view the number on Airtel family and friends list.

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Airtel Family and Friends Call Rates

The call rate that this package brings varies based on the time of the day. Any call you place between 6 AM to 10 PM to your FaF phone numbers will go for 25 kobo per second, whereas the call rate is 21 kobo per second from 10 PM to 6 AM. But if you’re making your call with the SmartConnect bonus, the call rate is pegged at 40 kobo per sec. (which is ₦24 per minute) regardless of the time you are making the call.

That’s it on Airtel family and friends code and how to use it. I hope  this article helps, feel free to share  and drop a comment if you have any question regarding Airtel family and friends .

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