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Before now, to install IPA files, you needed to jailbreak your device first. Now anyone can install IPA files on their iPhones without having to rely on jailbreaking. AltStore is one of the best apps available to help you sign unsigned IPA files and install them on your iPhone or iPad so read on to find out everything you need to know.

What is AltStore?

It is a free iOS platform that lets you easily install unofficial apps that Apple won’t sign onto your device. It is used for installing or sideloading IPA files, in much the same way as Cydia Impactor does, but with a difference. While Cydia Impactor is one of the most popular tools of its kind, you can only use it to activate a maximum of three unofficial apps at any one time; AltStore doesn’t have that restriction, and you can sideload as many apps as you want. On top of that, as well as providing you with several IPA files to choose from, you can also download your own files from the internet and use AltStore to sideload those too.

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Developed by RileyTestut, AltStore has been in circulation for several months now. It is compatible with iOS 12 and above, including iOS 13, and works on any iOS device.

AltStore Features

AltStore offers users a decent selection of features, including:

  1. Free to use
  2. Compatible with iOS 9 to iOS 13 on all devices
  3. All the IPA files are categorized so you can easily find what you want
  4. Download popular jailbreaks like Electra and Unc0ver
  5. Thousands of IPA files included
  6. Built-in search facility
  7. Easily install external IPA files
  8. Many more features


How to Install AltStore

AltStore is easy enough to install, but don’t expect to find it in the iOS app store. It is an unofficial app, and Apple won’t support any app that lets you sideload unsigned IPA files. Do be aware – AltStore is built on enterprise certificates; Apple doesn’t allow these to be used for anything other than the specific enterprise they were allocated to, and, as such, they will revoke the app, leaving you having to reinstall it and start over.

Here’s how to install it:

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and go to the official AltStore download page.
  2. Download AltStore and tap Install on the popup window asking for permission.
  3. Go to your device home screen; when the app icon appears, AltStore is installed.
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How to Fix Untrusted Developer Error

Once the icon is there, you can use AltStore but, first, you may need to fix an Untrusted Developer error that appears when you tap the icon. This occurs because AltStore is unofficial, but it is easy enough to fix:

  1. Remember the developers name from the error message
  2. Open Settings and go to General>Profiles & Device Management
  3. Find the developer name in the list of profiles
  4. Tap it and then tap the Trust button
  5. Close Settings; AltStore is now ready for you to use to install apps and games

How to Use AltStore

This is simple enough too, and there are two ways – installing the files already included in AltStore or installing them from external sources:

Method 1: IPA Files in AltStore

  1. Launch AltStore by tapping the icon on your home screen
  2. Find the IPA file you want to install and tap it
  3. Wait for the download to complete, and the app is yours to use.

Method 2: External Files

  1. Use Safari browser to find the file you want – make sure you only use reputable links
  2. Send your file to AltStore
  3. Open AltStore and go to Downloads
  4. Tap the file and let it install.
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How Safe is AltStore?

AltStore is completely safe to use. The developers have revamped the app, so it works without a jailbreak; that means it doesn’t hack your iOS system, and it works using the same permissions as an official app. The developers also monitor the app regularly; if they find any problems or a user reports an issue, it’s fixed immediately with an update. However, its safety relies on you installing those updates – if you opt not to, the developers will not guarantee the safety of the app on your device. We also tested AltStore and found no viruses, malware, adware, spyware, or anything else, and there is no need to use your Apple ID to install it.

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