Make Money On – Real Or Scam Find Out the True Review Here

Cash Granted-Real Or Scam Find out the truth here

Make money from now. Is it real? Have they really paid anyone?  How much have I made so far from CashGranted ? Here is a clear review of Cash Granted take a look at it and see the truth behind Cash Granted. Is Cash Granted a legal latest opportunity to make money online?

I was just going through my WhatsApp messages and saw a message one of my friends sent me that reads

I’ve just requested for N70,000 on Please help me recommend my fund request. Here’s the link to the request:*******

To recommend, visit my request link above, and tap the ‘Recommend’ button on the page that comes up. Thanks in advance.

That was what I saw and decided to find out if they are real or scam. let’s all analyze this and find out below

What is

Cash Granted-Real Or Scam Find out the truth here is a website/platform that promises to give free fund of between N20,000 to N70,000 to 1,000 people every week.

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According to Cash Granted, this money are being generated from adverts on their website .

The question now is why would they want to share it with you?

The answer to the above question seems complicated but let’s know more about Cash Granted like the sign up process and how it works.

How to sign up on – The registration guides/requirements

Sign up for/ Registration on  is free on like other platforms where you pay some amount of money to register. All it requires is just: your full name, phone number and your bank details. That’s pretty simple right?

[mks_highlight color=”#ffffff”] Use your head, things like that shouldn’t be that simple[/mks_highlight]

Still on knowing about Cash Granted, let’s see how it works .

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How CashGranted works said they will give you a fund once you are among the first 1000 people who requested for fund.

Once you are done with  your registration and login into your dashboard you will see a message like:

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#dd7c7c” txt_color=”#ffffff”]

NOTICE: Your request for N20,000 by the end of this week (by Saturday, September 1, this week) has currently gotten 252 recommendations.

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Once your N20,000 request gets 6 or more recommendations from your friends and acquaintances, you as a requester will be able to recommend other people’s fund requests, and each time you recommend another requester’s fund request, your own fund request will immediately get 3 recommendations automatically added to it



Is CashGranted Really Working? Let’s  see

If you want to know how legitimate such business is, you should first consider the followings:

  • Has It paid anyone?
  • Do they have business name and RC  number?
  • Where is the money coming from?
  • Where is the advert on there website?

Now let’s answer these questions one after the other

1. Have they paid anyone : So far we have not seen anybody they have paid. If they have paid you let us know in the  comment below.

2. Do they have a reorganised business name : A registered business must have RC number.So far they have not shown us their Business name and the RC number.

3.Where is the money coming from : they said the money comes from the adverts on their website right, okay please answer  this have you seen the advert on the site?


4. Where is the advert on there website : Like I  asked earlier ,where is the advert and if eventually they do generate income, why would they want to share it with you for free.

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In conclusion , CashGranted is just using that this trick to get  lots of traffic. We have seen platforms like that before. They will promise you one benefit or the other just to trick you without you knowing their main aim.

Let’s be careful please .

Kindly share this post to save friends now. 


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