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DomainKing Affiliate – Full Details On How To Sign Up And Start Making Money

DomainKing Affiliate – Full Details On How To Sign Up And Start Making Money

Domainking Affiliate Program – How To Sign Up And Start Making Money Properly

How to make money online has been one of the most trending topics on the internet . There are many ways of making money online of which one of them is affiliate marketing program .

In this post, I am going to  focus on a particular affiliate program which is domainking affiliate program . Just read through this  post and I will teach you how to sign up for domainking affiliate program, how to promote your affiliate program and mistakes to avoid. With that being said, let’s get started.

What Is Domainking Affiliate Program

Before I go into what Domainking affiliate program is, I will like you to some certain things about domainking. Domainking is a web hosting company that provides full-time support to their customers and to anybody partners with them. Domainking Affiliate Program  is an affiliate marketing program in which you sign up for and get a unique referral link that is used to track the number of people you referred and number of sign up. It is this referral link that is used to know how much you make that is your  commission . This commission is the money you will be paid once it matures that is after 40 days . To further break it down, Domainking affiliate program is simply a way of referring customers to Domainking  and making money from it.

Domain King Affiliate Program

Domain King Affiliate Program

Note- domainking will only pay you commission when referrals buy webhosting plan, not when they buy register domain names only.

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Now that you know what Domainking affiliate program is, I think there are reasons why you would like to use it.


Why You  Should Use Domainking Affiliate Program 

There are reasons why you should use Domainking affiliate program especially if you are in Nigeria. Domainking gives full-time time support not only to the customers but the affiliates. For instance where your affiliate commission matures and you wish to withdraw your money, you can simply email them or use their chat support on their website and they will create  a support ticket for you.

Another reason why you should use Domainking affiliate program is that if you are in Nigeria,they pay you in Naira. Now that you have known some reasons why you should use Domainking affiliate program, let me show you how can sign up for it.

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How Sign Up For Domainking Affiliate Program

Signing up for Domainking affiliate program is simply and free. just follow the guides below and sign up for it.

How to join domainking affiliate program

1, login to your client panel at

Note : If  you don’t have account yet, you will see new users register here and click on it to register. After filling the signup form, you will be logged into your client area and you will now need activate your affiliate account

How to sign up for domainking affiliate program

How to sign up for Domainking affiliate

2, At the top right side of your client area you will see “affiliate” button, click on it. And affiliate window will open instantly.
Activate Affiliate Account

Activate Affiliate Account

3, Now click on “activate affiliate account” to activate your affiliate link and join the domainking affiliate program. After signing up, it’s time to promote it.

How To Promote Domainking Affiliate link/Banner And Make Money

There are many ways you can promote your Domainking affiliate link/banner and make cool money from it.

If you have a website, you can simply place the banner on your website . Simply copy and paste the html code into your website .

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If you don’t have a website, no need to panic. you can copy your referral link and share it on any of your social media. Just copy your referral link and shorten it using any url shortener . Write a compelling content and paste your referral link.

You can as well promote your affiliate link using email list. If you have an email list where you used to send mails to your audience, you can do the same as I have explained in posting to social media.

Warning!!! Never you refer yourself or use your device when trying to show your client how to buy hosting with your affiliate link as such will cause inconvenience when you want to withdraw your affiliate commission.

I hope this article helped in explaining how to sign up and promote Domainking affiliate . Don’t forget to use the share button and share this article with your friends and stay tuned for more information guides.

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