How To Download Google Bolo App For Learning Fast [Best Kids Learning App]

How To Use Bolo App For Learning

Learning stops when we are dead and you start dying once you stop learning, in this article we are going to how to download and install on your device as well as how to use it. If you want you are looking for an app that will help your kids learn fast then Google Bolo App is the best choice for you. Who doesn’t want his/her kids to be smart or even fluent when speaking, let’s see this app that will help us achieve this.  I will also provide the bolo app download link.

What is Bolo App

Download Google Bolo App

Bolo app is an app designed by Google to help elementary school-aged students, using technology like Google’s speech recognition and text-to-speech to help kids learn to read in both Hindi and English. The app provides a catalog of 50 stories in Hindi and 40 in English, sourced from will also partner with other companies in the future to improve the app.

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Features of Bolo App

  1. This Intelligent App Listens to What the Child Reads. It then encourages them to read well and helps them when they are stuck.
  2. It has a collection of Large Varieties of Stories: This App contains interesting stories for Children in Both Hindi as well as in the English language.
  3. To help the children understand English Better, this App translates the text and explains the meaning.
  4. This app rewards kids to make the learning process easier and interesting
  5. This intelligent app is personalized for each child. It can track progress and adjusts to the difficulty level as per the child’s skills.
  6. This App can work without Internet Connection and Doesn’t show any Ads.
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How To Download and Install  Bolo App

Downloading and installing Bolo app is as easy as ABC.

  • Go to Google playstore using this link
  • Click on the install button. The app size is just 49MB (Use this free data to download)
  • Wait for it to download and install
  • Once downloaded,  click on open and start using the app at once.

How To Use Bolo App

How To Use Bolo App For Learning

Once you click on “Open,” you will See a Virtual Tutor. She will guide you to Complete the Initial Set up process like “Terms and Conditions,” “Permissions” and others. Then, you will see the Dashboard. Here you can See Various Stories, Games and Other Activities your kid can learn from. Once your done with the initial set up, your kid can now use the app to learn in Hindi & English Language.

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How can I Download Google’s Bolo App on iOS?

Currently,this App is developed for Android. The iOS version is not yet available. I will update this article once the iOS version is available.

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