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How To Download WhatsApp status on Any device
Ways To Download WhatsApp status On Different Platforms

You see someone’s status on WhatsApp and you are like oh, I love this status and I need it as  fast as possible. How do I download this particular WhatsApp status now and I don’t even need the owner’s consent to do this so how will I download this status now. I am here again today to share with you ways to download WhatsApp status.

I posted one funny video on my WhatsApp status recently and most of my friends where like please send me the video. I sent to those I can and when the pressure was too much, I started telling them to download it. They started asking me how can I download your WhatsApp status video or image.

That’s just my story and in this post, I am going to address problem of downloading WhatsApp status be it image, gif or video.

How to download Whatsapp

Before you can use, download or save Whatsapp status, you need to get the messaging app, on your device. Below guidelines, will help you download the latest Whatsapp on your devices and gadgets: iPhones iOS, Android, MAC and PC.

To download Whatsapp for Android: Click HERE
> To download Whatsapp for iPhone iOS: Click HERE
> To download Whatsapp for MAC: Click HERE
> To download Whatsapp for Nokia S40: Click HERE
> To download Whatsapp for Windows PC: Click HERE


What is Whatsapp Status?

Before we go into details of downloading Whatsapp status, or Whatsapp status downloader, lets understand how this Whatsapp status works. WhatsApp Status allows you to share text, photos, videos and animated GIFs that disappear after 24 hours and it contains only 700 characters limit for a single status text.

In order to send and receive status updates to and from your contacts, both you and your contacts must have each other’s phone numbers saved in your address book. Thankfully, the company has made it much more simpler to view your friend’s status update:

Launch your Whatsapp
> Tap the Status tab
>Select a contact’s status
>You can now see your friend’s status update


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Well, from viewing the status update, you can quickly reply to one of your contact’s status updates, by tapping the Reply button at the bottom of the screen while viewing their status. If you understand how Snapchat story works, then know that it is similar to how Whatsapp story works.

Some Cool Atitude for Whatsapp Status Update

  • To be successful you need good friends, to be more successful you need better enemies.
  • You’re like a coin. Awwww, valuable? Nope, two faced!
  • There are no stupid questions, just stupid people..
  • The bigger the challenge, the greater risk I’ll take, the more contented I am.
  • Do not give advice unless you are asked to.
  • I know who I am, you have no need to explain.
  • Brains are awesome. I wish everybody had one.
  • Prove them wrong. Normal is Boring.
  • Sometimes I pretend to be normal. But it gets boring so I go back to being me.
  • I’m an odd combination of “Really Sweet” and “Don’t mess with me”
  • Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress.
  • If you don’t have big dreams you’ll end up working really hard for someone who does
  • It’s not a problem if you always win

Ways To Download WhatsApp Status And Save It On Android

How To Download WhatsApp status on Any device
Ways To Download WhatsApp status On Different Platforms

There are two different ways you can use to download and save Whatsapp status on your Android device whether it image, gif or video. You can choose any one you think is the best for you to use. It is important to know that WhatsApp status vanishes after 24 hours so have to save the status before this time if not you won’t see it again. Now let’s look at methods to download and save Whatsapp status on your Android phone.

How To Download WhatsApp Status On Android Without App

You can download WhatsApp status with this method and one good thing about this method is that you don’t need to install any app which means that it is the best method if you don’t have much space on your Android phone. You can also check out how to save up ram space on your phone and still have much app.

To download and save a WhatsApp status without installing any app, follow the steps below

  • Go to file manager
  • Click on the three dots at the top right corner How to download WhatsApp status without app
  • Click on show hidden files
  • Locate and click on WhatsApp folder
  • Click on mediaHow To Save whatsapp status on Android
  • Click on Statuses
  • You will all the recent status
  • Copy any Status (image, video or gif)
  • Past it to any folder you e.g. download folder 
  • You have successfully downloaded and save Whatsapp status without app
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If the above method seems cumbersome to you, try this 2nd method of Downloading and saving WhatsApp status on your Android phone

How To Download And Save WhatsApp Status App On Android Phone

This is another way you can use and download WhatsApp status to your Android phone but you need to install an app called Status Saver . This app allows you to save Whatsapp status directly to your Android phone. All you have to do is to download it from Google Play Store

Download WhatsApp status saver

After downloading and installing this App, follow the steps below to save a WhatsApp status to your phone.

  • Open status saver
  • Locate the locate the video, gif or image you want to download
  • Click on it
  • Click on the + button
  • Click on save

You have successfully downloaded the WhatsApp status. You can also repost the status with this app . This the easiest way to save Whatsapp status on your Android phone but what of those that uses WhatsApp on there desktop or laptop . Is it really possible to download and save Whatsapp video or image status on your desktop or laptop?

Using a desktop or laptop is the easiest way you can use and save Whatsapp status for later use. Below is a step by step guide on how to do that.

You can also check out ways to make money on WhatsApp

How To Save Whatsapp Status On Desktop Or Laptop

You can actually download and save Whatsapp status on laptop using WhatsApp web. In case you don’t know how to connect your WhatsApp web, here is how to do it.

  • Open any web brower of your choice
  • Visit WhatsApp web
  • Open Whatsapp  on your phone
  • Go to menu and click on WhatsApp web
  • Scan the bar code on your system with your phone
  • Your WhatsApp web is now connected

Now that you have connected  your WhatsApp web, let’s see how to download the and save Whatsapp status.

How To Download And Save Whatsapp Web Status

  • Open your WhatsApp web
  • Go to status
  • View the status you want to download
  • Right click on it
  • Click on save as
  • Save to any location of your choice
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You have successfully  save whatsapp on your laptop or desktop but what about those that uses iOS operating system.  Let’s see the how to do that below.

How To Download And Save Whatsapp Status On iPhone

Just like normal android WhatsApp, you can not download status with normal WhatsApp on iPhone but you can actually do that using the steps below.

You can download video or image WhatsApp status on iPhone using an app called WhatsApp++

This an app that gives you the ability to download  WhatsApp status but you have to install the normal WhatsApp and you must have a Buildstore account.

This is how to do it;

  • Uninstall Original WhatsApp
  • Go to Buildstore to sign up and register your iOS device
  • Open Safira and go to WhatsApp++
  • Click on install button to install WhatsApp++
  • Open Whatsapp++ and register with your phone number
  • Open the app and click on the Status page to view the Status you want to download
  • When viewing the photo or video that you want to download,  just click on the Download button in the bottom right corner. The file will be downloaded to your Camera Roll

That is it for iOS users.

You may be tempted to ask “How do I copy someone’s WhatsApp status to my clipboard.

How To Copy WhatsApp Status To Clipboard

The you can copy another WhatsApp user’s status to your clipboard by doing the following

  • Download Universal Copy from the Google Play store.
  • Install and open the app, swipe the Universal Copy switch to the on position, and grant it the required permission
  • Open Whatsapp and locate the contact you want to copy the status
  • View the contact that has the status
  • Slide down notification panel from up and click on Universal copy to activate it
  • Choose the text you want to copy and click on the copy icon to copy it
  • Past the copied text anywhere you want

That’s it on downloading, saving and copying WhatsApp status on any device. In case you don’t have data, check our free browsing tips.

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