DStv, GoTV hacked?


It is no longer hidden that you can now view all stations on the GoTV and DSTV.

But how possible is that and is it currently working or is it just a rumour?

By the end of this article, we will find out what actually happened.

You will also get to know if you can view all stations on these platforms i.e. Gotv and DSTV.

How Can I view all Channels Free on Gotv or DSTV

Following the #Endsars protest that was going on in Nigeria recently, some group of hack activists known as Anonymous have been trending on Twitter as a result of alleged hacking of DSTV and Gotv platforms.

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But that’s not our focus here, what we want to know is how we can view all stations for free on Gotv and DSTV.

Based on how I did mine, I just put on my generator and switched on my 42 inch LG tv. After some seconds, I decided to check my expired DSTV and to subscribe as well. Fortunately the first channel was showing then I started switching from one channel to another to find out that all were showing and working perfectly without subscription.

Is the DSTV and Gotv Still Showing For Free?

As at the time of writing this article, I was still enjoying my free DSTV and all channels are showing with any subscription.

I also checked my neighbor’s GoTv and it was showing  all channels as well though he still have subscription left as at that time.

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However, I decided to check my friend that uses Gotv to confirm if the hack is real. I was surprised to see all channels showing as well.

With this, does it mean the platform was hacked?

Let’s find out…


The truth:

MultiChoice Nigeria had earlier sent messages to subscribers that there will be a system upgrade. The message read: “We will be upgrading our systems from 11 pm, 17 October until 4pm, 19 October. This is to ensure improved system reliability. Access to your favourite channels will not be affected, however payment, self-service will not be available.”

So what it means is that the alleged hack is due to the platform upgrade and I hope it has been fixed.

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Now, is your own still showing all channels for free?

Let me know in the comment section.

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