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Learn 3D Animations


At Earlybell, we firmly believe everyone should have opportunity and access to create progress through the use of technology and develop skills relevant tomorrow. With courses manned by industry experts and relevant facilities, we help individuals and businesses develop and advance their skills to create, innovate and deliver efficiently in the fields they choose relating to ICT. Our school is the most cost effective as you attain knowledge greater than your money.

Get familiar with what we do:


Film Making / Cinematography

Learn film making

The movie industry needs more expertise as to meeting up with international standards. At E Earlybell, we expose you to scopes beyond camera handling and light placement.

We provide real time experience for the entertainment industry both on and off field. We get you fully involved with the needed equipment. Our film making course covers all sections from directing to production management to budgeting, to the production process and use of globally recognized software {Adobe Premiere Pro and Media Encoder

3D/2D Animation

Learn 3D Animations

With the near steady growth in the animation industry, you wouldn’t want to be left out in getting involved. Earlybell provides industry standard from basic to advance. Our tutors are experts in the filed which would enable effective transfer of knowledge. You would also get industry standard software relating to your course and plugins required to keep you ahead. Software include Maya, Zbrush, Motion Builder and Make Human

2D animation covers not only the creation of characters but also to life using required manual and digital tools. Industry based softwares include Crazy Talk Animator and Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Animate

Graphics Designs

At Earlybell, we are here to enhance and catapult your creativity to the moon. You need not bean artists before you can create something amazing. You get to be versatile in different graphic design softwares from simple or basic softwares to the advanced which would be taught by masters in the field. The classes are completely practical and effective

Softwares include Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, in Design


Website and Digital Marketing

You would be taught how to build your own website from zero to professional standards. The courses would cover either WordPress/ Joomla! And designing with Magneto. You will learn how to use html and CSS to create and design yours styles and arrangement.

Digital marketing has become essential for most companies with the increase in internet users and the need to maximize the benefits digitalization provides. You will be taught methods such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Data- Driven marketing, E-commerce Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, E-mail Direct Marketing and many more.


Learn Auto Card

This course effectively covers 2D and 3D Architectural categories. In few weeks you would be able to create magnificent floor plans, elevations, site plans, interior and exterior décor designs of buildings suitable for homes, offices, hospitals and any other purpose required you.

We use industry based software’s like AutoCAD, REVIT, 3Ds MAX, SKETCHUP, CIVIL 3D.


Learn Video editing

Here, you would get to learn linear editing using Premiere pro. You would be exposed to how to create your own video well-cooked and garnished to professional standards. You would have outstanding results as you prepare for industry practice or for personal reasons. You would also learn how to edit musical videos or and movies using different methods.

Raw unedited files would be provided to give you a feel of real time practice and exposure.

Motion Graphics

This commercial application of animation and effects to video, film, Tv or interactive applications would give you the opportunity to create illusion suitable for multimedia projects you work on. Softwares include the use of Photoshop and After Effects

The motion Graphics advanced equips you with the 3D and 2D aspects in Motion Graphics adding Cinema4D to the aforementioned softwares.

Visual Effects

Visual effect involves the combination of live action footage and generated imagery to create, imitate or advance imagery that look realistic, impossible and impartial in reality.

We teach you how to create simulations like fire, smoke, blood and other Vfx

In the advance, you would be able to create Hollywood Standard of visual effects adding Element 3D and familiar softwares like Photoshop and After Effects

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