How To Use Ecobank Mobile Money Transfer Code *326#

Ecobank money transfer code
Ecobank Mobile Transfer Code Is *326#

Ecobank USSD transfer code makes your banking experience with Ecobank easier. Ecobank is a Pan African bank that provides banking services in some African countries like, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania e.t.c.

In this article, I am going to show you the real working Ecobank USSD transfer code and how to use it properly without hassle.

This code is not complicated neither is it hard to remember. You can bookmark this page if you finds it difficult to remember but it is just as USSD code of other banks.

What Is Ecobank Transfer Code

Ecobank money transfer code
Ecobank Mobile Transfer Code Is *326#

The Ecobank USSD transfer code is *326# which allows you to transfer money from your account to other account or to recharge and pay bills. This code works perfectly well in Nigeria .

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It is important to know that there are different Ecobank money transfer code for customers in other countries that is not Nigeria. If you are not in Nigeria, feel free to check out different codes for other countries below :

  • Ecobank transfer code for customers in  Uganda is *235#
  • Ecobank transfer code for customers in Kenya is *335#
  • Ecobank transfer code for customers in Tanzania is *150*18#

How To Activate Ecobank USSD Code

Before you activate Ecobank money transfer code you must have an account with Ecobank and your phone number has to be registered with the accident. If you have done the above, then proceed to ecobank transfer code registration .

You can use any phone be it Android, iPhone, Window phone or java phone.

How To Transfer Money From Ecobank Using Ecobank Transfer Code

You can transfer money from Ecobank account to another Ecobank account or from Ecobank account to another bank account by dialing this simple USSD code on your mobile phone using any network provided it is attached to your Ecobank account. Don’t forget that you will have to dial USSD code that works in your country example *326# for Nigeria and *335# for Kenya. Once you transfer money, you will receive SMS notification of your transaction.

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How To Buy Airtime Using Ecobank Airtime Recharge Code

You can top up your airtime that is virtual top up (VTU) using Eccobank USSD code. Get your phone and dial *326*1*Amount# – for example if you want to recharge ₦1000, dial *326*1*1000# and send. You can also recharge for other numbers like your friends .

How To Check Ecobank Account Balance With Phone.

You can check your Ecobank account balance on your mobile phone using the USSD code *326#

You can also check your Ecobank account balance using the Ecobank mobile App.

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Check out other USSD codes here.

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