Everything To Know about the “BlackBerry Ghost”[Specs And Price]

Everything To Know about the “BlackBerry Ghost”[Specs And Price]

Blackberry Ghost A New high-end, full-screen Android phone

BlackBerry is rolling out yet another new Android-powered handset called BlackBerry Ghost. The “Blackberry Ghost” is being designed/built by the Delhi-based telecom.


The phone was recently leaked by @evleaks on Twitter, and shows a pretty nice design. According to the leak, the phone will feature a bezel-less design, though without seeing the phone with the screen on, that’s hard to confirm.

Blackberry Ghost


When it comes to specs,almost nothing  is know about the Blackberry Ghost for now . The leak from @evleaks says that the phone will be a “premium” device — but what that really means remains to be seen. BlackBerry phones in 2017 featured decidedly midrange chips — the BlackBerry KeyOne offered a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625. We expect the so-called BlackBerry Ghost to feature a similarly midrange chip, though that also remains to be seen. It’s likely that the chip will be coupled with a modest amount of RAM.

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Pricing and availability

About the price of the device, there is no information gathered for now.

I am going to update this post once an update is released.

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