How To Activate FirstBank Chat Banking Number On WhatsApp [08124444000]

FirstBank WhatsApp Chat Banking

FirstBank WhatsApp Chat Banking Number Is 08124444000 that is for you to start your internet banking on WhatsApp with FirstBank, you have to add the above number and this page will take you through all you have to do for you to start enjoying your WhatsApp banking with FirstBank.

first bank chat banking number
FirstBank WhatsApp Banking Number

I understand that most people don’t really know about this FirstBank WhatsApp banking of a thing  but don’t worry if you belong to this category because I am going to explain everything to you here and now. Let’s get started at once.

What Is FirstBank Chat WhatsApp Banking

FirstBank WhatsApp banking is an internet banking process where you can perform safe and secure transactions using your mobile phone number (one registered with your FirstBank account)  on WhatsApp messenger App just like FirstMobile.

FirstBank is not the only bank that is currently using WhatsApp banking in Nigeria, there are other banks e.g. Access Bank. This what every customer must take advantage of as it saves the stress of going to the bank any time you want to perform transactions. Let’s see some benefits of FirstBank WhatsApp chat banking .

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Benefits Of FirstBank WhatsApp Chat Banking

FirstBank WhatsApp Chat Banking

With FirstBank WhatsApp banking, you save yourself the stress of going to the bank whenever you want to do the followings :

*. Onboarding

*. Check Balance

*. Send money

*. Pay Bills

*. Airtime purchase

*. Data purchase.

Take a look at the video below  to understand better

How To Get Started With FirstBank WhatsApp Banking

I have said it earlier that the first bank chat banking number is 08124444000 so for you to get started,

  • Go WhatsApp or Contact
  • Add  08124444000 and save it as FirstBank
  • Open your WhatsApp
  • Refresh your contact  to see FirstBank
  • Simply say “Hi” to FirstBank

How To Activate FirstBank WhatsApp Banking To Perform Transactions

Performing transaction on this platform is as fast as using USSD code or FirstMobile and it’s at your convenient place once there is stable network. Below is how you can perform any transaction using FirstBank WhatsApp Chat.


  • Opt in by accepting the Terms and Conditions
  •  Provide your account number
  • Validate using your debit card
  • Setup your WhatsApp PIN and keep it safe
  • Perform your first transaction
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That’s it

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers On FirstBank  WhatsApp Banking

What transactions can be done through WhatsApp?

You can:

  1. Check your balance>
  2. Send Money (Self & Others)
  3. Pay Bills
  4. Buy Airtime & Data
  5. Generate your Mini-Statement (Coming Soon)


Will I be charged for transactions?

  1. Check Balance – N10.00 (Delivered via SMS)
  2. Send Money (Others) – N52.50 (VAT Inclusive)
  3. Pay Bills – N52.50 – N105.00 (VAT Inclusive)

Why can’t I see all my accounts?

You can easily transact from your personal Naira accounts. Domiciliary, corporate and joints accounts are not available on WhatsApp Chat Banking.

How secure is WhatsApp for?

WhatsApp Chat Banking is secure and encrypted. Your transactions are done over a secure link, so your privacy is guaranteed. During on-boarding, you’ll need to setup a WhatsApp Chat Banking PIN to securely confirm your transactions.


Why can’t I onboard on WhatsApp Chat Banking?

Here are a few reasons why you may be unable to onboard to WhatsApp Chat Banking:


You provided an account that is not permitted on WhatsApp Chat Banking.

The card linked to your account has expired.

The WhatsApp profile (phone number) you’re using is not the same number on which you receive SMS notifications.

You do not an active internet connection.

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What if I forget my WhatsApp Chat Banking PIN?

Not a problem. Simply reset your PIN by selecting the ‘Settings’ option then select ‘Reset PIN’ You’ll need your debit card linked to your account to reset your PIN.


Can I change my WhatsApp Chat Banking PIN?

Yes you can. Just select the ‘Settings’ option then select ‘Change PIN’. You’ll need to provide the old PIN to change to a new PIN. If you have forgotten the old PIN, you may use the ‘Reset PIN’ option.


The First Bank Whatsapp Banking Number is: 08124444000 Which can also function as Firstbank Whatsapp Chat Number and Firstbank Whatsapp Number.

There is not need of contacting First bank customer care via the normal method, instead use the above number as First bank customer care Whatsapp Number.

Feel free to share this post and ask us questions, we are ever ready to answer you any time.

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