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(Hot) How to Get Free 4GB Data On Airtel Sim Now!

(Hot) How to Get Free 4GB Data On Airtel Sim Now!

Who will not be happy to take advantage of this free data that is trending everywhere just like stew. In this article I am going show you how to get free 4GB data on your Airtel 4G sim.

Airtel have just lunched there own 4G LTN network and they want people to start using this 4G LTE network by giving free 4GB data and I mean 4GB. This is a massive data you will like to get for yourself. Let us now see how you can get this free 4GB data on your Airtel 4G sim.

How To Get Free 4GB Data On Airtel

Get Free 4GB Data Now!

This is not Airtel double data or Airtel free browsing neither is it free browsing tweak or hack so you are not going to need much to activate this free data.

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How To Get Free 4GB Data On Airtel 4G Sim

Get Free 4GB Data Now

Upgrade & Get Free 4GB Data

For you to get this free 4GB data on your  Airtel sim, just do the followings:

  • Go to any sophisticated Airtel center an buy a new 4G SIM or you can also retrieve your old 3G SIM for a new SIM that is if you have one.
  • Get a 4G enabled smartphone
  • Insert the 4G SIM into your 4G enabled smartphone.
  • Turn on your 4G enabled smartphone
  • Once your phone shows the 4G LTE signal, you will receive your free 4GB data at once.
  • You have successfully gotten your free 4GB data

You have gotten this free 4GB but how can check your data balance?

How to Check Airtel Free 4GB Data Balance

Whenever you want to check your data balance for this free data, just use the normal code for checking Airtel data balance by simply dialing  *140#

You will see your data balance immediately you dial the above code.

It is important to note the following facts about free 4GB data on Airtel 4G sim

Facts You Must Know About This Airtel 4GB Free Data

  • This free data can only be gotten on 4G sim
  • You get it once not twice
  • It is valid for one month
  • It does not require any code for activation unlike double data that needs code for activation
  • It can only be gotten with a 4G enabled smartphone
  • It only works on 4G network which means you need to be in area that supports 4G network.

That’s it on getting free 4GB data on your 4G LTE Airtel sim. Feel free to share this post and leave a comment if you have any question.

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  1. moses peters

    3 years ago

    I inserted d 4 g sim in my phone n I have not gotten 4gig…my phone is 4g lite ….pls how can I resolve dis?


  2. Obong Ita

    3 years ago

    Can I get it with another SIM after I got the first time?


  3. Wandy

    3 years ago

    Pls how or steps I will take to get the free browsing on my phone


  4. Abishai Dunioh

    2 years ago

    Mine worked
    Am enjoying my 4G with my 4gb now


  5. Mr Dave

    2 years ago

    I already used an Airtel Sim and got the bonus… I bought another and I still haven’t received the bonus….


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