Get 5x Bonuses On Glo Amebo With This Code

Get 5x Bonuses On Glo Amebo With This Code

Glo Amebo tariff plan is here and is going to allows you enjoy 5x bonuses on every recharge, and it also allows you to call all Nigerian networks.

If you are on Glo Amebo plan, you have the opportunity to recharge N100 and get N500 worth of airtime to call all any network of your choice.

Glo Amebo tariff plan

You can even go up higher and higher, where you can easily recharge N200 and receive N1000 airtime bonus, while N1000 recharge gives you extra bonuses of N5000.  Aside from Glo data bundle plan, they are very good for voice call.

The Glo Amebo plan is specially for those subscribers that makes a lot of calls, from business to families and even friends also.

If you are a user, you can simply recharge your line with *555*PIN#. And thankfully, it is available to all new and existing subscribers.

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