Goodnight Google+: Here Are Things You Have To Know

Google plus shutdown date

It is no longer news that  Google is shutting down Google+ which happens to be a social media network competing with Facebook, Tweeter , Instagram and others.

Google Plus was launched in 2011 in a bid for Google to unify all its services. However, their functions and interface were not enough to attract users attention like Facebook.

Following a security scandal where  more than half a million users had their data compromised, Google announced at the end of 2018 that it would end their social network.

When Will Google+ Shutdown The Platform

Google plus shutdown date

According to Digital Trends, Google will permanently delete everything on the platform by April 2 . Considering the date, you can still download an archive of all your important documents before the date.

To prepare for the full shutdown, Google will remove the ability to create new Google+ profiles, pages, communities or events by February 4. You will also notice that Google+ sign-in buttons will stop working in the coming weeks, though you will still be able to sign in with your Google account as an alternate. Finally, if you’ve used Google+ as a comment system with Blogger, the feature will be removed by March 7, with full deletion coming on April 2.

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Reason For Shutdown

The main reason for shutting down Google+ according to the company is inactivity.  User interaction with the platform was extremely low. About 90% of those who signed into Google Plus did not stay for more than five seconds.

With options like Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram, Google Plus has never been an attractive social network. All these years supporting a quasi-inactive website was a waste of resources. Hopefully, Google will now use these same resources to improve its existing services.

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