Google Adsense Auto Ads [ All You Should Know About Auto Ads]

Adsense Auto ads

Google Auto ads is a new optional update released by By Google Adsense  which are utilizing artificial intelligence to automatically manage ad placements and ad optimization for the publishers. The AdSense team launched the Google Auto ads on  February 21, 2018 .

Important things to know about AdSense Auto ads

  • Place one piece of code just once to all of your pages and let Google take care of the rest. Google is taking on task of selecting the placement that is doing all of the work for publishers in terms of figuring out how many ads to put on specific pages, where to put them, as well as what kind of ads will run.
  • Publishers will not need to remove their existing, manually-placed ads to use it; Auto ads won’t interfere with those, Google says.
  • Using machine learning to figure out where an ad will go, and also to ingest analytics for how well that ad performs to “teach” the system how to place ads better in the future.
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How to Enable Google AdSense Auto ads

  • Login to your Google AdSense account
  • Go to my Ads > Auto Ads
  • Click on ‘Setup Auto Ads’
  • Configure your Global settings
  • ‘Enabling’ automatically get new formats at the bottom.
  • Click on Save.
  • Now place the ad codes  between the < head > and </ head > tags of each page where you want to show Auto ads.
  • That’s it, Auto ads will start to appear on your pages in about 10-20 minutes.

Some Unclear Facts About The Google Adsense Auto Ads

  • It is unclear how publishers can keep track of where ads are being placed and how they are performing.
  •  The update does not address whether the Auto feature limits ad placements to protect publishers’ traffic from search. Google’s search algorithm considers ad overload a negative when ranking websites in its results, and Google’s search team does not work directly with the AdSense team.
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