Best 2 Ways To Hack Dent App And Get Free Unlimited Dent Coins/Unlimited Data

Dent app has been given out free Dent coins /data to subscribers who downloaded the app. In today’s
Information guide, I will be showing how to hack Dent App in two ways and get free unlimited dent coins/data that is updated hack for dent.

How to hack Dent App

If you have not downloaded the app, I recommend you first download and sign up before the hack . Download here .After the download ,You can now follow any of the procedures below.

How To Hack Dent App And Get Free Dent Coins (1st Method)

This is the first trick you can use to hack dent and get free unlimited dent for browsing. Here are the steps by step procedures to follow :

  1. First download Dent App  .
  2. Register and verify with your phone number,then go on with “manual” registration to get free 195 dents .
  3. Copy out your referral link out from the Dent App.
  4. Uninstall the Dent App you have download on your phone.
  5.  Download the Dent app again using the referral link you copied out.
  6.  Register with another phone number.
  7. Keep repeating the process on line 4,5 & 6 with different SIM cards to receive more free dent coins/data. The more the Sim cards, the more your free Dents.
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Now, your old account gets 175 dents and the new one gets 195 dents.That sounds good right, but what if that doesn’t work out?

Let’s see the second hack that will definitely work then.

Before showing you the 2nd method of hacking Dent, let tell you what will make you want to use the second option to hack Dent and get free unlimited data bundles.

The latest version of Dent App comes with a feature that is tagged “Dent Call VerificationIt is a feature that helps Dent wireless  to detect invalid referrals like those who refer others without the person Downloading the dent app.

The question now is : How can I bypass Dent Call Verification?

Is it possible to bypass to bypass Dent Call Verification?

The answer to the above questions is why the second method is will be used for dent hack.

2nd Method Of Hacking Dent To Get Free Unlimited Dents

This second method is to be used if the first one didn’t work out

  1. Download the latest Dent app If you haven’t downloaded it before.
  2. Download the crack version of the Dent App
  3. Download  Yoga VPN
  4. Download  Cloner Parallel Space
  5. Download virtual number app

Follow The Procedures Below

  1. Now open your dent app and register with your phone number, that’s if you haven’t registered already, Get your referral/invitation link from the invite link option, copy the link and paste it wherever you will find it easily,
  2. Now, launch  the Yoga VPN you downloaded earlier, click on “select region“, on the level 1, select United States, now connect yoga vpn, once connected, minimize the app, and head to the next stepHow to hack dent apk to get free dent
  3. Now Install and open 2ndline app. Type in your new registration details, that is email and password, click on register to complete the registration process, now choose  any phone number you want, you will be asked to type in the area code of the city you want the numbers on, you can use 506, 507, 508, 509 etc ,the list of available phone numbers will appear, select any one you want.
    finally, click on share number to copy your new number,
  4. Now that you have gotten the new virtual number,
    open your app cloner( parallel space) clone the Dent app on parral space, login to your dent account with your number.
  5. Clear the data of your original Dent app, to be able to perform a new registration with your new US number Via your original accounts invitation link you copied earlier
  6. After registration, wait for some minute on the Dent app, for your new 50dent bonus to reflect, you can use the 50 dent bonus to send data to any of your lines or that of a friend or you can simply exit the app, your aim is to accumulate more dents on the other account,
  7. Now clear the data of the DENT app, and that of 2NDLINE app, re-register on the 2ndline app with new detail and get a new US number, use the number on dent app via your invitation link
  8. To accumulate more dents on your original dent account repeat this process 4, until you are probably satisfied, always remember to log in to your original account via the app cloner to ascertain if the bonus dents are reflecting.
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Links To download apps:

2ndline.apk Download

Dent Apk

Dent Mod.apk

Yoga Vpn

Parallel space

You can watch the video below if you  get confused:

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