How To Open UBA Africard In Less Than 30mins

UBA Africard - How To get it fast

UBA is one of the best bank in Naigeria when it comes to attaining to customers. I must say that I have also experienced this when I wanted to open UBA Africard account and that is why am writing this post. In this article, we are going to walk through the process of getting UBA Africard in less than 30mins.

UBA Africard - How To get it fast

Most people think that getting UBA Africard card is that hard like opening a domicilary account but guess what, it’s as easy as ABC. To show you how easy it is to get UBA Africard, you don’t need to have account with UBA before you can get UBA Africard which means you can just walk into the bank, fill a form and get your Africard card immediately.

Without much ado, let’s get into the process of getting Africard.

Requirements For Getting UBA Africard

Getting Africard doesn’t require much but there are some necessary documents that is readily available to you and these are:

1. National ID/Voters Card/Driver’s License/International Passport
2. Utility Bill (NEPA Bill)
3. Recent Passport Photograph
4. Money to fund your account (N2000)

When you have all of the above mentioned requirements in palace, just walk into any UBA branch close to you and go straight to the customer care to request for a form.

Fill in the form given to you and submit it to the customer care. The customer care will process the form to get your Africard ready, once he/she is done with the procession of the form, an envelope containing your Africard and necessary information that will guide you through the process of setting up your card.

You will need to fund your account in to be able to activate your card. Just collect a deposit slip,fill it and make deposit into your account (at least N2,000). You will see your account number at the back of the Africard given to you. Once you are done with the payment, you can now activate your card both at ATM stand and online.

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How To Activate UBA Africard at ATM Stand

  • Go to any ATM stand close to you ( I advise using UBA ATM stand)
  • Slot in your ATM card
  • Put Your Default pin (I can be found in the envelope given to you)
  • Change your pin to activate your card

How To Activate UBA Africard on The Web

You also need to activate the pin online as well.

  • Go to
  • Login with your default pin (contained in the envelope given to you)
  • Follow the instructions and change your pin
  • Now your card is activated

UBA Africard Fees and  Charges

  • Card Issuance fee – N1000+VAT
  • SMS fee per transaction – N4
  • Monthly Card Maintenance fee – N50+VAT
  • Transaction in UBA ATM in Nigeria – Free
  • Transaction on non UBA ATM in Nigeria – N65
  • Local POS transaction – Free
  • International POS transaction- Fx rate applies
  • International web payment – Fx rate applies
  • International ATM transaction – Fx rate applies
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Card Replacement

In case you lost your card or need to request  a new card, quickly contact UBA customer fulfillment centre by phone: +234 1 280 8822 or email: [email protected]

That’s it on how you can get your UBA Africard in less than 30mins.  The comment box us always open for your questions.

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