Instagram Tip: How To Pin Comments To The Top Of Posts

Instagram has now made its new pinned comments feature available to all users. Here’s what you need to know before pinning your first comment.

You will also see how to do that on this article so let’s get into it at once.

Instagram recently stated that it wanted to provide users with “an easy way to amplify and encourage positive interactions.” As a result, this feature had been developed by Instagram with a view to making the platform more accessible and cut down on the amount of negativity shared, or at least, seen. In this sense, pinned comments are an extension of another feature that Instagram launched recently, allowing users to delete multiple comments at the same time.


Instagram has been trying its best to make the comment safe and free from internet bullies. There are Comments Control features already which lets you restrict comments from everyone, your followers, people you follow or people you follow and your followers; you can even choose to turn off comments completely on a post. There are also automatic and manual profanity filters which sets into play when Instagram’s AI detects offensive comments.

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Instagram comment feature

How To Pin Comments To Instagram Posts

To get started with pinned comments is very easy. When you want to do so, you  can simply pin a comment to a post by swiping left on the comment when using the Android or iOS app. This activates a separate menu where you can not only trash or reply to a comment, but pin it by clicking on the new pin icon. It should be noted that this is not simply a one comment and done feature. You also have the option to add up to three pinned comments to each post. For added transparency, Instagram has also confirmed it will alert a user each time one of their comments is pinned to another user’s post.

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