How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account 2021 [Even Without Email & Phone Number]

How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account Without Email/Phone Number

Facebook account should be treated with caution the way you treat your bank account if not more. I have seen most people’s Facebook accounts being hacked because of one reason or the other. Whatever the case maybe, applying the instructions on this page will help you recover your account successfully.

When your account is being compromised, the hacker can just change the password and if your account is in this stage of compromise, I consider the hacker to be novice. If the hacker have taken a step further to change your credentials like your password, your phone number or your email then you have to step up your game by following the guide on this page.

Before we proceed, I will like to mention that if you have a Facebook account and you have not linked a valid email to it , I advise you to go and do that even before reading this guide. Also if you have not added extra layer to your security by enabling 2F authentication please do so to keep your account safe.

Without further ado, let’s quickly see how we can recover back that your account…

How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account Without Email/Phone Number

How To Recover Your Account If You Have Access To Email  or Phone Number

If you the hacker have not changed the email or phone number then your are still on a safer side.

  • If only the password has changed and you still have access to the associated email of the account then you may go to the “forgot password” option at the facebook login page.
  • Facebook will take you to a page that will ask you to enter either your username, email address or the phone number. You can select any of the options (choose the one you have access to) and click on continue
  • A recovery code will be sent to your desired recovery option. Enter that code and click continue.
  • Now set your new password and your account will be ready to use again
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How To Recover Account If No Access To Email

In a case where the hacker have gone beyond hacking your account, and your associated email cannot be accessed then apply the steps below to recover your account.

  • Search for your account on Facebook
  • Click on the forgot password option.
  • Now let Facebook search your profile by entering your username or email address
  • Once you have been located by Facebook, click on your profile, a dialogue box will open to reset your password.
  • Click on “no longer have access to these” as you do not have access to your associated email address.
  • Then extended recovery options will be given and it depends on the age of the facebook account. Old facebook accounts have the option of Security question to recover their account.
  • New Facebook users can use the option of “trusted contacts” to regain access to their account.
  • For doing so, enter the email address you have access to, and click on reveal my trusted contacts and enter the name of one of them.
  • Facebook will provide a link that only your trusted contact can access. Ask them to click on the link and get the security code for you.
  • Enter the security code to recover your account

How To Recover Hacked Account With Your Device

Facebook just published a new security update which allows you to reset your password without any verification (in some cases) only if you try to reset your password from the device that you use mostly for login to Facebook. It means that if your facebook got hacked, and if you tried many methods and not worked just try the method below;

  • Open the device that you use mostly for Facebook like log-in, log-out or any activity that you’ve made mostly.
  • For example; your Samsung you have used 2 years for Facebook as well.
  • Just try to recover / reset your password from that device.
  • If Facebook recognizes your device, you’ll be able to reset your password without any verification.
  • To increase your chance, if its possible, while trying to reset your Facebook password, use the Wi-Fi / Network you use for Facebook mostly like your Home Wi-Fi or your personal Mifi, just make sure you use it regularly to login to Facebook.
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How To Recover Account With ID

Another way you can use to recover your hacked Facebook account is using ID. Facebook recently extended a service called: Identity Verification. With this feature, you will be able to confirm your identity by sending government issued ID. After sending your ID, Facebook will get back to you in 1-3 days and will help you to get back your account easily. Here are the steps:

  • Go to this page
  • Fill the form, attach your government issued ID.
  • Send the form to Facebook and wait couple of days.
  • Then Facebook will send you an e-mail about recovery


If your account is hacked and the hacker has gone as far as changing your email and your phone number then this method will work perfectly well for you.

  • When the email attached to your account is changed, Facebook will send you email and you have to take advantage of this.
  • Open the email and you will see: “if you did not do this, please secure your account” click on it. You will be given the option to secure your account.
  • Then Facebook will provide you with a number of recovery options according to the account and security.
  • You may be asked to upload the government ID, Facebook will verify it and reactivate your account.
  • Another option will be to enter your date of birth to recover the account.
  • Another option is that Facebook will ask you to recognize your friends by showing you their pictures and asking their names
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Now if none of the options was successful then I think the best is to block the account or you can comment below let me know how I can help you. If you make up your mind to block the account so that the hacker can’t use the account too. It’s very easy just check the next heading.


Facebook has made it possible that you can  report account when hacked. So when your account or account of those close to you is been comprised you/they can easily lock the account by reporting it.

When you’ve been hacked, simply tell 5-10 of your friends to report the hacked account, doing this will loosen the hackers’ grip on the account and make recovering more easier.

I hope you find a method that will help you recover your hacked Facebook account. If no then drop a comment, hopefully I will help you as much as I can.


There are lots of ways a hacker can use to access your account.  Always operate your account with care and be mindful of third parties you give access to your Facebook account.  Also be mindful of the apps you install on your device because some app uses keystrokes to get everything you type.
Enable 2 factor authentication as this will add extra layer to your security.

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  1. My facebook account was hacked when i unknowingly entered hackers phishing link and the hacker added his email to my account when i try recovery of account its shows error
    Pls what can i do to get it back or can i still hack it bank

  2. My facebook account was hacked and the hacker changed my email, phone and added a 2 factor authentication. I have gone through the recovery steps. The system allowed me to add another email address and change the password however once I enter the password, it takes me to the 6 digit code generator screen and I can’t go any further. Please help!

  3. my daughter account has been hacked. We tried all method & also submitted ID & for response from FB. Email & phone were not changed still. However, hacker person setup 2FA using a 3rd party authentication app.
    So, After receiving the 6 digit code from FB via text, it then askd for “authentication code” & we are STUCK here.

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