How To Start VTU Business In Nigeria 2020 Complete Guide

VTU Business Networks

How To Start A VTU business

How To Start VTU Business
How To Start VTU Business


Did you know? You can make money by just topping up people’s phones with airtime credit. This is possible with VTU. If you want to go into this venture, this article is for you.


What is VTU and How Does it Work ?

VTU is an acronym for Virtual Top Up. VTU basically involves a vendor recharging the line of a service subscriber digitally, that is without the use of USSD codes or recharge cards. The customer will receive a direct alert telling him his phone has been recharged.

Following the increasing number of mobile users who want to recharge their phones on the go, the demand for VTU services is constantly on the rise and soon it may fully replace the traditional sales of recharge cards. .


VTU is easy to start and requires a minimal amount of money. With a capital of just 5k you can start earning 3% – 5% on each top up you make. Most major banks run this same system and make a whole lot of money from VTU.

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How to Start and Run a VTU Business

VTU Business Networks

VTU is a very good business because it can be started anywhere in Nigeria. Also it requires few resources and less funds for startup. Before we consider the steps involved in setting up a VTU business, let’s see the necessary things one must have to ensure success.

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Requirements  to start VTU Business

Below are what you need to start VTU business and start making money at once:

1. A working mobile smart phone (preferably an Android or apple device)

2. Internet connection and Data subscriptipn.

3. A start up capital at least a thousand Naira cash at hand

4. Accounts on Social Media and instant messaging platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatsapp and telegram.

5. A clear designed image that reflects the VTU Business. This image will contain vital information and will be used as display photos on the social media platforms.

Requirements to start vtu business
Requirements to Start VTU Business


When all of the above is set, you’ll have to join a VTU plartform to start. There are numerous VTU plartforms and you can find them with a Google search. For this article, we will be dealing particularly with a popular VTU plartform, Jumia one. Jumia one, has proven to be the best VTU plartform out there.



Steps To Start A VTU Business In Nigeria Using Jumia One App


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Step 1: Get registered on Jumia if you have not done so. Jumia is a multi-purpose e-commerce site You’ll have to be registered on to utilize the Jumia one platform. You can register here ( )


Step 2: Download the JumiaOne App into your mobile device ( ) ios users download here


Step 3: Login on the Jumia one app with the details you registered on jumia (Remember you just created an account on Jumia)


Step 4: select the service you want to use, which is buying airtime credit in this case. You can use this same platform to do other top ups like dstv subscription, Electricity bills and lots more.


Step 5: when you have completed the above steps, follow this simple guide to carry out top ups.


For instance, say you want to sell recharge card of 100 (Hundred naira) to a client.


1. Open your JumiaOne App and select the AIRTIME option.


2. Select the service provider (telecom) in Nigeria (MTN, AIRTEL, GLO or 9mobile) you want to top up with.


3. Enter your Customer’s Phone Number, and the Amount of airtime credit he/she wishes to recharge their lines with (e.g 100)


4. From this page, a confirmation page will be brought so a to be sure your request is exactly what you want to do.

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5. On this step you will need to add your ATM Card details, and run a final check on your order, to be really sure it’s fully correct. Once you’re done crosschecking, click on the PAY NOW Button and you will be taken to an OTP page.


6. Enter your OTP(One Time Password), a set of numbers you will receive from your bank via email or SMS to confirm the transaction was made by you.


7. Once this is done, you will then receive an SMS that confirms your transaction, and your client on the other hand will also be credited the amount you input.


Depending on the amount you top up, you can get 3% – 5% of that same amount every time you make a recharge for a client. This can fetch you a good stream of cash and you’ll surely be smiling back from the bank.

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