Jumia Black Friday 2018 Deals :Tips, Tricks & Guide To Win The Best Product

Jumia Black Friday 2018 Date
Jumia Black Friday 2018 Date

Jumia Black Friday 2018 is here and you know about it but you have to read this article first to get the best out of it. Just like giving you tips, tricks and the best guide is what we are doing here at Infoguiders, I think we have not started if we fail to highlight you guys on these tricks on 2018 Jumia black Friday and the guide to win it.

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I have noticed that some people are not aware of  Jumia black Friday 2018 data. Some people  knows that The Jumia black Friday takes place every last Friday of November but Jumia black Friday 2018 is different which made some people to ask of next Jumia Black Friday 2018. In this article, I am going to make everything about Jumia black Friday  2018 clear to you so let’s get down to business and we are starting by knowing what a Black Friday is.

What is Black Friday

Jumia Black Friday 2018- what is black Friday
What is Black Friday

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day that shows the starting  of the Christmas shopping season. It is a time when retailers gives many special offers to their customers.

You may ask why is it called black friday ?

It is called black Friday because lots of people goes out for shopping which causes traffic which sometimes even results to catastrophe. This days, shopping is mostly done online and that results in high traffic . If you are used to black Friday, you must have noticed that many people goes online during this period.

I know that when I mention that it results to catastrophe sometimes, you will be having double mind of should you shop on Black Friday or not. What I want you to know is that black Friday is one of the best season for one to buy stuffs considering the fact that you are going to ge up to 90% discount on a product.

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I think we have known what is Black Friday, in case you want to read more, you can go to Wikipedia for that. Let us now know about Jumia Black Friday 2018.

Jumia Black Friday 2018

Jumia Black Friday 2018 is live now with massive offers and deals you can’t afford to miss. Imagine getting up to 90% discount on a product , it is a great opportunity if you ask me. You can now buy that product you can’t afford under normal market condition on this Jumia Black Friday 2018. If you are in a haste and thinks that reading through the whole information guide is a waste of time,  just get the [mks_button size=”small” title=”Jumia Black Friday 2018 Special Offers & Deals  ” style=”squared” url=”http://c.jumia.io/?a=30586&c=941&p=r&E=kkYNyk2M4sk%3d&s1=Special%20offers%20%26%20deals%20&utm_source=cake&utm_medium=affiliation&utm_campaign=30586&utm_term=Special” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#dd1c1c” txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”” icon_type=”” nofollow=”0″]  now.  If you want to get all the information you need to succeed in Jumia Black Friday 2018, keep reading through this article and the information will start from knowing the Jumia Black Friday 2018 date.

Jumia Black Friday 2018 Date

Jumia Black Friday 2018 Date
Jumia Black Friday 2018 Date

Below are dates for 2018 Jumia Black Friday

1st Week 2nd November 2018

2nd Week 9th November 2018

3rd Week 16 November 2018

4th Week 23rd November 2018

5th Week 30th November 2018

As you can see from the above dates that it has already started and you will not want to miss out. You can bookmark this page for reference purposes because I will be updating it regularly if I find any additional tricks and tips to win The Jumia Blacl Friday Offers & Deals.

Jumia Black Friday Offers And Deals 2018

Jumia Black Friday 2018 Deals and Offers

There are lots of offers and deals you can take part in Jumia Black Friday 2018. Jumia gives you up to 99% on a particular product.

Let’s take Samsung Galaxy S8 which is  ₦167,900 will be available for just ₦2,000. The same applies to Apple iPhone Xs Mas which is ₦499,000 will also be available  for just ₦5,000 and many other offers and deals you can’t afford to miss. If you want to get these offers, just click on get and to [mks_button size=”small” title=”Get Offers & Deals  ” style=”squared” url=”http://c.jumia.io/?a=30586&c=941&p=r&E=kkYNyk2M4sk%3d&s1=Special%20offers%20%26%20deals%20&utm_source=cake&utm_medium=affiliation&utm_campaign=30586&utm_term=Special offers & deals ” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#dd1c1c” txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”” icon_type=”” nofollow=”0″] to get yours now.

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Tips , Tricks And Guide On How To Win Jumia Black Friday Deals & Offers

Winning the Jumia Black Friday has not been easy for some people but with these guides and tips I am about to share, you can find your way out on Jumia Black Friday. It is also important to note that these are suggestions we think will be helpful to you and not a guarantee that you are going to win the Jumia Black Friday.

Below are the tips and guide to win Jumia Black Friday 2018

1. Draft Your Plan Before The Time

Making arrangements before the time is very important as you know that a stitch in time saves nine. If your plan is get a Phone, you have to plan how you are going to do it. You can do that buy knowing the actual price of the product you intend to buy and scale your budget accordingly. As you know that Jumia gives you up to 80% discount.

2. Be Online Before The Time

You have to be online at least 1 hour or 30 minutes before the stipulated time as this will give you the chance to master things on the website. Jumia Black Friday is a matter of first come first serve so being punctual is one of the things that gives you a better chance of winning.

3.Use Stable Network

You have to know that using a stable network is very important in winning Jumia Black Friday 2018. It is adviceable to use a 4G network while doing this. If the network in your location is not that stable, try moving to an area with a stable network and do that before the time as it is a game of first come first serve. If you are worried about data, try this.

4. Master The Jumia Store

How can you easily locate a product that you intend to buy?  Will you just got to Jumia and locate a product? The key to it is by mastering the store. You have to know how they categorized their store so as to know which category the product you want will fall on. You can do that by taking you time to study their website.

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5. Follow Trends To Know Secrets Being Used

Sometimes, Jumia can ne tricky on Black Friday but do you know that some people breaks through information before it is known to public. You can get information by following trends. I share trends and tips @ Infoguiders. You can bookmark this page just as I have said that I will be updating this post regularly on tricks to use on Jumia Black Friday.

Tips : Note that Jumia can place a particular product you are looking for in a different category.  I advice opening different tabs on different categories to easily locate the product. 

6. Get Your Money Ready

Some people will want to participate in Jumia Black Friday but will fail to get the necessary things ready. One of the things you have to get ready the money you are going to use while shopping. If you don’t have any means of income, we got you covered here.

7. Be Smart And Fast

Being smart gives you a better chance to win in a competition and being smart and fast provides you with the highest opportunity to win a competitive activity like the Jumia Black Friday 2018. Make sure you relax your mind when try find a product on Jumia. If you are disorganized, you can’t stay focused and get what you want.

That’s it on Jumia Black Friday 2018 and all the necessary information you need to know for now. Just like I said that I will be updating this page regularly with tips on how to win your way on Jumia Black Friday 2018.

These are the things you can do; leave a comment, share this post on any social platform using any of the share buttons. Keep refreshing this page for an update.


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