Jumia Black Friday 2019 – Best Tricks and Cheats To Win Treasure Hunt

When is Jumia Black friday 2019

So you want to win the Jumia black Friday 2019 treasure hunt right, well everyone wants the same but the question is how. Imagine buying a product almost with nothing, sounds too good to be true right but it is. In this article, we are going to explore the 2019 black Friday in Jumia.

If you are looking for answers to questions like;

  • When is Jumia black friday 2019
  • Jumia black friday 2019 date
  • Next Jumia black friday 2019
  • How to order on Jumia black friday

This article will be of a great help to you as we are going to answer the questions above.

I have explained about black Friday before now but I will still talk on it in this article so that those who doesn’t know about it will do so.

So what is Black Friday?

Black Friday is simply another name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and marks the beginning of Christmas shopping season. It is simply the time when lots of people go for shopping because most products are discounted at this time. One of the characteristics of black Friday is that there is high volume of traffic and is also the busiest moment of the year. So what about Jumia Black Friday?

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You can find more detailed information about Black Friday and Jumia Black Friday here



When is Jumia Black friday 2019

The Jumia Black Friday 2019 starts from November 8th 2019 to November 29th 2019 which means it will last for 22 days ( 3 weeks) including weekends. During this period, there will be up to 1,000,000 deals spread across different categories.

Black Friday Dates:

1st Week 8th November

2nd Week 15th November

3rd Week 22nd November

4th Week 29th November

According Jumia, you can chop daily or weekly depending on your preference.Below are some of the activities lined up:



Jumia provides you with two tricks

Trick #1

To find out Jumia selection you can directly go to this page when Jumia Black Friday kick-off. You will find on this page all the items with the better prices.

Trick #2

You can recognize a black Friday deal thanks to the tag on top of the product*.


Flash Sales gives you the chance to shop a selected item across different categories by up to 70% off. It is called flash sales because items are in limited stock. You will get to pick from 40 different items across all categories during the flash sales.

On Fridays, the first flash sales are live at midnight. Then from 10am to 5pm there are new products released every hour.  from Monday to Thursday a new set of products are released at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm. At the weekends you also get to enjoy up to 70% off on all selected items every at 10am. On these stated times and days all you need to do is to get on the Jumia Nigeria app or website to be one of the first persons to order the product of display.

Jumia black Friday Flash sales and Treasure hunt


Jumia is offering treasure hunts items per session at up to 99% off. Each treasure hunt has:

  • 1 iPhone 11 @ ₦1000
  • 1 65” Hisense TV @ ₦500
  • 5 packs of Indomie @ ₦300

The treasure hunts are happening on Fridays only and at 2 different timings:

  • First: 12AM midnight
  • Second: 6PM

These offers are exclusive to Jumia App users. So, if you don’t have the app installed on your device, now is the right time for you to go on App Store on iOS or Google Play Store on your mobile devices to download it in order to participate.

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Helpful Video and Images About The Jumia black Friday 2019

Jumia black Friday Flash sales and Treasure hunt


Jumia black Friday Monday to Thursday


Jumia Weekends flash sales


Jumia black Friday Treasure hunt 2019


Flash Sales


Jumia Free Delivery

Jumia  Live Giveaway


How to order on Jumia black friday

You can easily order products on Jumia Black Friday 2019, by following the below procedure:

  • –You must have a standard Smartphone / PC
  • Download the official Jumia app
  • You must be registered
  • Login and continuously reload the app / website
  • Found your product? Click on “Buy Now” and complete the purchase.

For example, the important of Jumia app is radically strong, where you can enjoy up to 80% off, 25+ Flash sales, Treasure hunts, 1000+ vouchers will be available ONLY on the app.


Tips & Tricks on How To Win Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt 

Before we go into the tricks for 2019, you can check out tricks for the previous year which are still helpful by clicking on this link .

Let’s now see the tricks for 2019

1. Have Money in Your Account

You need to first of all have money in your account so that you can be able to pay for the product once you find it. Some people make this mistake and it is very bad.

2. Have a stable internet connection preferably 4G

If you have a very slow internet connection, how do you compete with about more the a million people who are searching for the same product. I suggest you find out the network that is most suitable in your area and stick to it. Use 4G network if you have one.

3. Have sufficient data subscription

Make sure you have active data subscription and I mean sufficient enough that it will not finish on the process of shopping. Some people have experienced this in the past and that made them to loose the treasure hunt.

4. Download the Jumia App 

Yes you have to download and install the Jumia app on your device before the treasure hunt time. Jumia made it clear that the treasure hunt is exclusively only on the mobile app. So why won’t you install the app. Click on any of the link to download and install.

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Android users click here

iOS users click here

5. Login to the Jumia App with your account before the time

You have to open the Jumia app and login with your account details before the time. This will save you time of trying to login when you see the product. Make sure your are logged in to avoid had I know.

6. Fill Your Billing/ Delivery Address

Make sure you have filled your address before the time so that it won’t be a set back once you see the product you want to buy. This  will give you a greater chance of being the first to buy the product once you find it.

7. Link your Payment Before the time

This is another important step to take in other to increase your chances of buying the product once found. Anything since it is a matter of fastest finger,you have to eliminate anything that can draw you back.

8. Follow Jumia on Social media 

One of the best way you can get an update about a brand a company is buy following their social media handles on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. They might post an update relating to the hunt.

9. Bookmark this page 

Yes you read it right bookmark this page or keep on refreshing it because I will be posting updates regarding the Jumia black Friday Treasure hunt. I will keep an eye on the black Friday Treasure hunt to find out the tactics used and I will definitely post it on this page.

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I wish the best of luck!

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