Kambili Full Movie: The Whole 30 Yards

Kambili The Whole 30 Yards cast Poster
Kambili The Whole 30 Yards cast Poster

The Whole 30 Yards is a 2020 Nigeria Romantic film directed by Kayode Kasum ( ‘Oga Bolaji’, ‘Sugar Rush‘, ‘Fate of Alakada‘). This film features the following stars: Nancy Isime, Mawuli Gavor, Jide Kene Achufusi.

Kambili Full Movie: The Whole 30 Yards

Kambili Maduka, is an irresponsible, spoiled, spendthrift 28-year-old woman who is turning 29 in a few days. The only thing on her mind is to get married before she turns 30.

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However, after getting suspended from work due to her incessant lateness, she goes on a date with her boyfriend and he breaks up with her, dashing her hopes of getting married before 30.

She decides that what she needs to do is prove to her boyfriend that she can be everything he wants her to be which is; responsible, driven, focused and wife material.

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Kambili Full Movie Cast

  • Nancy Isime
  • Mawuli Gavor
  • Jide Kene Achufusi
  • Sharon Ooja
  • Ekun-Kekere Koye
  • Venita Akpofure
  • Elvina Baby Ibru
  • Uzor Arukwe
  • Toyin Abraham

The upcoming film is Filmone’s first feature film sponsored by South Africa’s Empire Entertainment and China’s Huahua Media’s $1 million collaboration launched in December.

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