Legit ways to make money online before & after Christmas

Make money online before christmas

How to make money online before christmas!

Christmas is fast approaching, we all need money to celebrate ; hence, it only makes sense for someone to search for something like “how to make money online before christmas”. It has been a wonderful year for many people and some have had a terrible year hut you fan still make up for all the things that happened by getting yourself familiar with some of the opportunities that will be shared in this post.

We all want money to celebrate this year’s Christmas and that includes the old and young. In this post, we will discuss the most legit ways to make money online before Christmas. All the opportunities mentioned here are 100% legit and can actually make you up to N20000 before Christmas day but you must put in some work.

There is no online work that is easy and still worth it. The ones that are worthwhile require you to work hard and get the best of the beat from them. You can not make money while sleeping. It is not possible. Proper work must be put in to make the reality in making money online before Christmas possible.

Some people try all their best and still fall for scams. This is why we have taken a look at the most important sites and apps that can actually give you money before Christmas.

If you notice earlier, I said you can make up to N20,000 from this. I don’t mean the N20,000 can be made from a single platform. You have to combine everything hut believe me, they are worth it.
Now let us take a look at some of the great apps and websites that can make you up to N20,000 before December 25th.

Make money before and after Christmas

1. Zwerl: Zwerl is an app that pays it’s users to ask and answer some basic questions. These questions are what we talk about in our everyday conversation. Over 50,000 people use zwerl and they still pay up till today.

There have been claims of payment proofs which I have also seen with my naked eyes. This made me confirm how legit the app is. Here is how it works:
>> You sign up
>> Ask questions or answer to earn money
>> Your rank will keep improving and you will keep getting the earning.

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You can receive directly to your bank account on zwerl but the best way to make money from zwerl is by referral. You earn a lot when you refer people to the app and through this, you can reach the minimum threshold in just 3 days. That means you can make N5000 in three days from zwerl alone. Let us move on to the next app

2. Cheetah keyboard: Many people already use this keyboard app but not all know the added advantage in this app. If you have been using it in the past,it is high time you upgraded it.

Cheetah now pays its users to type using the keyboard. You get free $5 bonus for downloading the cheater app. When you get this bonus, you can also refer people and earn between $0.2 – $5 per referral.
Why does cheetah pay you?

When you are using cheetah keyboard, you.will notice a lot of ads are popping up. Cheetah earn from these ads and pay their users a part of the revenue they earn. Proper calculations have been made so they know exactly how Mich to earn and expect from you.

The minimum threshold is $20 via PayPal. Now, PayPal doesn’t allow Nigerians to transfer to bank accounts so the best thing to do is order online or sell your PayPal funds to buyers. You can find buyers on Facebook when you just search “PayPal funds needed”. You can also check out this PayPal creation.

$20 is equivalent to N7240. If you can refer friends and continue chatting for a long time with your friends, you will reach the threshold in only a matter of days.

3. Newspay:ย This is one cool way to earn money online. Newspay pays you to read and share new online. Does it remind you of anything? Yes, NNU. Newspay can help you earn as much as N1000 withing a week if you dedicate your time on it.

You need the referrals and sponsored posts to boost your earnings and reach the payment threshold. It won’t be easy but it is worth it. Newspay is legit and they pay their users well, with or without referrals. Read more about Newspay Income here


4. Slotsng: Slotsng is an online Nigerian casino site that offers you free N300 to play a game on their site. What I love most about them is that they have no minimum cashout and they pay everyday. You can become an agent, refer friends and earn whenever your referral plays a game.

You get paid directly to your account. If you can refer many people to Slotsng, you will make up to N10,000 within a week. The trick is getting referrals.

5. Perviewpays: One crazy site like NNU also but instead of getting paid to read news, sharing sponsor posts etc…you get paid to watch videos and refer friends.

See this app that pays you to chat and refer friends.

People are making big money on this site and they are truly paying. You also have the option to upgrade to a premium account or stay with the free account which has lesser features.

They have different earning models for different accounts but referrals are the same. You can refer as many people as you want and get paid for all of them.

6. Minenaira: Minenaira is way simple to earn with. I’m very serious. All that is required of you is to open a tab and keep mining your naira.

You get a portion of the revenue they earn from ads. You can also choose to refer friends and earn from them. Like the perviewpays, minenaira also has a free and premium account which have separate features.

You also have other tasks to perform like sharing posts on Facebook,posting about them on your blog and many more. Minenaira has a payment threshold of N5000 for free members and N2000 for premium subscribers.

7. Blog9ja: You have heard about blog9ja from a friend, am I right? Blog9ja is Kore like NNU than the rest. You pay to sign up, earn per comments, login and others, you also earn for referring people. The beautiful thing about blog9ja is that they have a minimum threshold of N4000 which you can get in a matter of five days and withdraw it every Friday. Blog9ja is real and they pay their members on Fridays.

Now, with these 7 platforms, you can be sure of making more than N20,009 before christmas but how do you get that threshold fast…REFERRALS!

Getting referrals is the key to most of these online reward sites but not many people know how to go about it. These are the easy ways to get referrals

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Ways To Make Money Online Before & After Christmas

1. Facebook: Facebook is a very powerful tool to use when looking for referrals. Especially groups that are very active. Join student groups and entertainment groups. That is a sure way to get the referrals you need. The trick is to post a payment proof, shorten your referral link and add it to the post.

2. Forums: The same trck you use on Facebook can also be applied to forums. Many people get referrals through these forums and make good cash without having to stress themselves at all.

3. Email marketing: If you can gather as many emails as possible, use them on namecheap and send bulk email to all of them at least a few people will sign up through your link.

Always remember to shorten your link because some people are only interested in the site’s name so they tend to ignore everything else and go directly to the site’s name.

4. WhatsApp status: The power this small thing has can not be measured. If you are having cool amount of views on your WhatsApp status, this is good for you. As usual, you post payment proof first and ppat your shortened link in the next post.

5. Blogging: One cool way to.make money from blogging is by using this sites and sponsoring your own link on your blog.

Those are the 100% legit ways to make money online before Christmas. They also work after Christmas too.

You can also check out others ways to make money like Data reselling business, VTU business, Dropshiping businessย and other ways to make money online. Don’t be in a haste to reads ways to earn free Bitcoin 2019 or this app that gives free Bitcoin .

Feel free to share this post and stay tuned for more.

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