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New MTN Unlimited Free Call Cheat 2020

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Are you looking for MTN free call cheat or free browsing cheat that are currently working, this page it specially created for you.

This article will guide you through the process of getting MTN free unlimited call cheat so go through every details on this page so you won’t miss out any information.

Recently, I posted How to Activate MTN Unlimited Free Airtime, in this article I am going to show you another MTN free call cheat you can use in addition to the one I posted earlier.

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How the MTN Unlimited Call Cheat Works

  1. Instant Activation,
  2. Calls can be made to all networks in Nigeria,
  3. No Airtime required,
  4. No Validity Period,
  5. Works on Special MTN Number,
  6. Unlimited until the MTN comes for it.


Sim Requirements

In the above features, number 5 to be precise, I said the cheat works on special mtn number that starts with certain prefix; I will do well to mention them below, so you get hold of it before proceeding to activate the mtn free call cheat.

Get an MTN Sim with any of the below prefixes;

  • 081640***, 
  • 081641***, 
  • 081642***, 
  • 081643***, 
  • 090611***, 
  • 070630***, 
  • 080641***.
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How To Activate

  1. After buying and registering any of the above sims;
  2. Activate the sim by recharging N100 but if you’ve been using it earlier ignore this,
  3. On your phone, Navigate to Settings > Mobile Network > Network Operator > Click Select Manually,
  4. Then wait for the network search show results,
  5. When done, you’ll be shown a list of the available network to select from,
  6. Next is to choose any network on it EXCEPT MTN,
  7. Ignore any error message that might come up,
  8. Navigate to Dial Pad/Dialler,
  9. Input 999 as the Prefix when you want to make a call; I.e 99909039535287.
  10. In case you get an error message notifying you of number not existing, simply go back to network settings and select another network EXCEPT MTN.
  11. Next is to redial the number, if it hangs up constantly then keep redialling the number,
  12. The constant hangup is as a result of network congestion on 999,
  13. If the unlimited call activation was successful, make sure you don’t visit the network operator for the meantime.
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That’s it on how to activate MTN unlimited free call cheat. Let us know in the comment section if you were able to activate it or if you are facing difficulty.

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