How to Accumulate MyMTN 200MB Referral Bonus up to 40GB

You read it right, how to accumulate up to 30GB from 200MB bonus on MyMTN App. This is another hahappy moment for MTN users. If I were you and I don’t use MTN, I will take advantage of this moment and get myself one.

What you are going to accumulate following the guide on this page is going to depend on how you are able to follow the process.  I will suggest you read and pay close attention to every detail.

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Without further ado, let’s quickly see how we can get the data.


  1. Mymtn App – DOWNLOAD HERE
  2. Two Valid mtn sim cards – (only one of the provided sim should be registered on the mymtn app)
  3. Good internet connection
  4. Your Patience and smartness to get a better result.
When you have all of the above requirements, it’s time for MyMTNApp Free 200MB Data Accumulation Cheat.


  1. Turn on your data and launch mymtn app,
  2. Login to the account of the sim that has been registered already,
  3. Click on the “Menu Tab” and click on “Free Data“,
  4. You’ll be shown a form-like page where you can input numbers you would like to invite to use mymtn app,
  5. Now, Input the number to the second sim that hasn’t been registered on mymtn app before.
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At this point, you are required to be patient and be smart. I found out that it works well on 3G rather than 4G. So if your phone is on 4G, switch it to 3G for a better result.

    • Once you’ve done the invitation, logout from the account and login to the app with the number you just referred,
    • Request for OTP, Input and click on “Proceed“,
    • Now you should see a pop-up message on the screen (Please don’t rush)HOW TO ACCUMULATE MYMTNAPP FREE 200MB REFERRAL DATA BONUS
    • Ensure to read the message and simply tap on the Remind me later button and quickly tap on the back button immediately,
    • Keep pressing remind me later and back button continuously (None stop).
    • As you keep doing this process, the mtn free 200mb MyMTNApp data is been accumulated on the other sim card.
    • you can accumulate the data up to 30GB – 40GB all you just need is to focus and don’t let it process before you click the back button.
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Accumulate 40GB on MTN

I hope this was helpful, kindly share with friends using any of the share buttons and don’t forget to drop a comment about your experience.

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  1. MTN thinks to be smart, what of the aeroplane someone won is it delivered to him
    What have I gain since using MTN not even Free Data talk less of cash promo

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