Netflix v7.95.0 MOD APK (Premium/4K/Latest) Download for Andriod

netflix mod apk free
netflix mod apk free

Want to stream and download unlimited videos on Netflix? Then this article is strictly for you only lol. I guess you should be looking for Netflix Mod Apk Latest Version.


Luckly here in this article, I’ll be writing about Netflix mod apk and at the end of this post, I’ll be providing the download link for the Netflix mod apk Latest Version, which i know brought you to this page.


Netflix is an American diversion organization made by Marx Randolph and Reed Hasting on 28th of August 1998 in Scotts Valley, California. Netflix is utilized in more than 195 nations. In the event that you sign up to Netflix, it is free for one month at exactly that point they charge you for further membership. What’s more, everybody can’t manage the cost of it.

Netflix Mod APK : Who is not aware of the online streaming craze which has taken over the whole youth? The fever of new seasons, their episodes and different movies create a stir of excitement among the people who love watching them. The custom of watching TV and even YouTube has turned old now and its place has been taken by the latest applications which allow the online streaming of different seasons and movies. While recalling the names of all the online streaming apps, how can one forget about the mega project app “Netflix“. This app provides the users an access to the millions of shows and movies along with their free downloads.

But the saddening part is, Netflix is a paid app which not everyone is able to afford. Not all the people can pay a good sum every month to watch their favorite shows so in order to solve this issue, the Netflix Mod APK has introduced. This app offers every single feature of Netflix without charges. It means users can download unlimited movies, get ad free Netflix app and watch videos in a powerful 4k resolution. Let’s see what golden features it is offering for those who love Netflix but can’t afford the premium version.


The craze for being in touch with the global ideas has enhanced in the past few years. Not only youngsters but the adults and kids are also fond of keeping pace with the world through the use of variable social media sites. Films, dramas and TV shows play a significant role in entertainment as well as global communication. There was a time when people were not much interested in cinematography and those few who had interest were limited to theatres. The theatres with live performances and limited characters were enough to fulfill their need for entertainment. As the technology grew, films and movies became the embellishment of cinemas and computers.

What is Netflix APK?

Netflix apk
Netflix apk

Netflix is an American Media services company which was founded on 29 August, 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Its headquarters are located in Los Gatos, California. Netflix offers multiple number of shows, films, series and documentaries including romantic, action, horror, thriller, fiction genres. Some of these sows and series are Netflix originals, produced and directed by Netflix co-operation itself. In some regions including China, North Korea, Syria, this application is not available due to certain U.S sanctions. Another noticeable feature of Netflix is that it has created distinct sections for kids and for adults. It offers monthly or yearly subscriptions to its users for enjoying unlimited entertainment shows. Furthermore, if a user does not want to use it on computers and laptops, he has the benefit of directly installing it to his android device or phone.

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Netflix Mod APK:

netflix premium for free mod apk

Netflix Mod APK is the modified and premium version of Netflix which offers free subscriptions. The original Netflix versions demand paid subscriptions either on monthly or yearly basis. There is a wide range of subscriptions and users are supposed to choose the subscription best suited to them. The subscription for a single person is of $8.99 on monthly basis but the if one buys the premium package, it costs $15.99. the premium package allows the users to use the account on many devices at the same time. However, Netflix premium APK is developed by a third party which offers free and unlimited access to films and series. It offers the same unlimited number of shows and series with a preview before starting the full movie. The users can create five accounts on a single subscription.

Features of Netflix Mod APK:

Netflix premium Mod APK offers amazing features which has attracted a wide community of users all across the globe to use this application. Some of those remarkable features of Netflix Mod APK are as follows;

Multiple Languages:

Netflix offers multiple language in which the videos are available. It is so because it does not have users limited to a single region but from different regions all over the world. For sake of each single user, it provides multiple languages. The user just needs to change the language option to his desired language. Netflix Mod APK also possesses the feature of subtitles which are provided during every dialogue on the bottom of the video screen. The feature of subtitles adds to the convenience of the users that if a user want to watch the video in its original language but is unable to understand, he is provided with subtitles to ease the difficulty in understanding.

Ads- Free:

Netflix Mod APK s totally free form the ads that create a gap during a video. The ads sometimes seem too annoying to avoid and also change the mood of the users. Some users are always in search of ad free applications so as to avoid disturbance ad interference in the rhythm of the ongoing video. Netflix offers ads-free modified version which does not contain even a single advertisement. This feature of Netflix Mod APK results in attracting more and more users.

Unlimited Downloads:

Netflix Modified APK allows its users to download unlimited movies and series whenever and on whatever device they want. Thus, if a person is busy somewhere or travelling he can start downloading the desired video and watch it later on. This feature also gives an edge that if a person is facing internet issues or faces troubled network connection, he can go with the downloaded videos directly and can enjoy his spare time watching them.

4K Ultra HD:

Among the most fascinated features of Netflix Mod APK is that it provides its viewers with the best quality videos. Many users find it annoying that many sites does not provide ultra-high quality videos. A user who is fond of watching series and films also loves to watch them in the best quality with good display, brightness and good pixels. Netflix Mod APK fulfills this requirement of its users by providing high class video quality in every show and film.

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Unlimited users:

Netflix APK has a hack in which one can add unlimited users to a single account which is not officially provided by the developers. The risks of hacking such a website are greater than using the premium or original versions. Therefore, one should go with the Netflix Premium APK to avoid this hack and allow only four or five users to a single account who have the login password.

Unlimited Movies and Shows:

Netflix Mod APK offers unlimited variety of series, films and shows to its viewers. There is a variety of shows and series from all across the globe which are offered by Netflix Mod APK. Not only American but from many regions of the world, the films have been made available on Netflix.

Kids section:

The kids section has been separately created just fr the kids use. If you are careful about what to let your children watch, you can have access to the kids section , make an account there and make your kids watch that particular account. It does not contain any violent stuff, unethical graphics or the stuff which is not relatable to the kids. This will prevent the kids from watching any unrelated stuff and will assure the parents of their kid’s safety.

Netflix originals:

Netflix originals comprises of the series and shows which are purely Netflix production and direction. These series are not available elsewhere on any other website or social media platform. Netflix mostly originates the serial shows instead of single films. There are loads of Netflix original series and they are amazing shows including The Witcher, Orange in=s the new Black, and many more.

Other controls:

Netflix offers many other control options to its users. During the video, the user can enable or disable the subtitle option, the user can change the speed of the video streaming, the user can maintain brightness according to his needs as well. In case of serial show, the episodes are being listed where one can go to the episode of his choice and can replay it. Moreover, slight amount of information is also provided along with each episode to provide the user with the idea of what they are going to watch further.

Extra Features:

  • This Mod APK of Netflix provides access to unlimited online streaming without any kind of ads. There are no ads in this version of application to avoid the poor experiences of streaming.
  • This application has no charges just like the original version. It is thoroughly free of charge comforting the users who cant have it.
  • Users can watch the original shows and movies just like the original version.
  • The video quality is 4k HD in this version as well to maintain the quality of streaming.
  • Users can download movies and seasons as much they want without paying anything. They can save all the downloaded movies and shows in their storage.
  • Users get the offline mode with this version in which they can view all the downloaded movies and seasons without having access to the internet. This main features has really eased the lives of viewers.
  • This version is safe enough and does not allow security threats break into the system.
  • There is no registration or login account required in order to watch movies. Users just need to simply download this app and start watching their favorite shows.
  • The user interface is quite beautiful which contains different shows and movies in a pattern. The users can search their movies and shows in a single search bar where they can also make searches using genres, year, country and more. 
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How to download Netflix Mod APK?

For downloading the Netflix Mod APK, one needs to download the application from the given links online. If a user is downloading it on his android device, one must enable the download from “unknown sources” on his phone’s setting so that there remains no obstacle while downloading the application. After download, one must install and open the application. One needs to follow the given steps after opening the APK MOD and follow them for creating an account with its login email and password. The login email and password must be remembered in case one needs to logion again due to some reason or on any other device. Now the application is ready to use and enjoy.


How to Install Netflix Mod APK

First go to the settings of the device. Open the security and turn on the Unknown sources. Doing so will create no problem as it is a very safe app. Now download the apk file from the link. Open this app after downloading and then click install. You are all set to enjoy the Netflix app and its complete features without purchasing the premium packages.


In short, Netflix is the best application for movies and series related entertainment so far. It is safe to use and offers amazing features. It also maintains its quality no matter what. One can easily go through with the type of entertainment he wants. Hence, it is not only entertaining but also informative and useful when it comes to the documentaries it presents.


Q. Is this APK safe to use?

This application has been installed and being viewed by millions of users across the world which makes it quite safe to use. Moreover, it provides a login email and password which keeps it limited to only the user who has it.

Q. How can a movie be downloaded on Netflix Mod APK?

For downloading a movie, the user will search the movie in search option available at the bottom. After the movie appears, there is an option of download right under the movie’s display. You have to click the download option and it will start downloading. Later, you can go the downloads and open the movie you have downloaded.

Q. How do I know the genre of any available movie or series on Netflix?

When you will open the application, movies will start appearing on the screen in front of you. You can scroll down and will see that different sections have been made by the developers labeling them e.g. comedy movies, horror movies, Netflix originals, etc. one can easily find the genre he wants to watch.

Q. For how long can I watch this APK for free?

The developers of Netflix Mod APK provide free usage to the early users who have not subscribed yet to get them know the application profoundly. And three days before the end of the month, they remind the users to pay and get the subscription.

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