20 Best Offline Shooting Games For Android 2020 You’ll Like To Play

Best Free Offline Shooting Games

Are you searching for offline shooting games you can download and play on your Android phone in 2020 or even 2021, I am going to show you those shooting games you can play offline in this article. I have also shared best offline war games and best offline strategy games you can download.  I believe one of the reasons you are looking for offline shooting games is because you don’t have enough data to play online games, you can use this if that’s the case.

Best Offline Shooting Games for Android Phones and Tablets 

Playing Shooting or Action games require a high level of thinking and stimulate mental awareness as well. I have listed out 20 offline shooting games you will enjoy playing and this follows no particular oder so choose the one you think will enjoy most.

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1. Hitman Sniper

Hitman Snipper
Hitman Snipper

One of the top games available on Android, Hitman Sniper gives you the feelers of a professional sniper. You will be Agent 47 in this game, who is supposed to take down enemies with a sniper rifle. You will be able to strategize your kills. The game has more than 150 levels. Like a professional hitman, you will be given a contract which you need to keep up to. The game has 16 unique sniper guns which you can collect as rewards as you complete the stages.

Hitman Sniper can be purchased and downloaded from Play Store here.

2. N.O.V.A Legacy

N.O.V.A Legacy Apk Download

For its 20MB size, NOVA legacy offers much more than just an average game with a little file size. NOVA Legacy is a sci-fi FPS game with decent graphics, immersive shooter experience and an online multiplayer feature. There are 3 game modes: Story Mode, Shadow Events and Special Ops.

NOVA Legacy can be downloaded from Play Store here.

3. Sniper X With Jason Statham

Sniper X Apk Download

This game is officially endorsed by the action superstar, Jason Statham. You get to team up with the superstar and take out enemies with your extreme sniping skills. The game is a lot of fun and reminds us of the Sniper series on consoles. You get to be part of Statham’s own team of elite mercenaries called the “Spear”. You get to wreak havoc on all terrorist organizations that are trying to destroy your land. You will be led by Jason Statham himself through voice commands and he will help you carry out your missions with ease. If you enjoy sniper games then this is the shooter you must try. Also, nothing beats Jason Statham telling you how to kill the bad guys.

Download (Free)

4. Deus Ex: The Fall

Deus EX The Fall Apk

Deus Ex is a story driven-action RPG FPS shooter game that works on android phones and tablet devices. The Fall is the start of a new journey in the award winning Deus Ex game series for Android phones and tablets. Set in 2027– the golden era for science, technology and human augmentation. Ben Saxon an augmented former British SAS Mercenary, is desperate for the truth behind a global conspiracy threatening his life.

Deus Ex can be purchased and downloaded from Play Store here.

5. Suicide Squad: Special Ops

Suicide Squad Special Ops Apk

Join the Squad! In this official Suicide Squad film game, you have been selected to lead a special task force comprised of highly dangerous incarcerated Super Villains. It is up to you and your Squad of antiheroes to defeat the horde of enemies that try to stop you. Fight as Harley Quinn with her signature baseball bat, or as Deadshot with his rifle or as Diablo with fire. Can you complete the mission? Are you Squad enough?

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Suicide Squad can be downloaded for free from Play Store here.

6. Call of Duty: Strike Team

Call Of Duty Strike Team Download

Call of Duty®: Strike Team delivers an all-new, first-person and third-person Call of Duty® experience built from the ground up for mobile and tablet devices. Fully customize your squad’s loadouts and abilities before leading them into combat in diverse gameplay environments. Call of Duty®: Strike Team features the revolutionary ability to dynamically switch from run-and-gun first-person view to reconnaissance and coordinated squad attacks in third-person view.

Call of Duty can be purchased can be downloaded from Play Store here.

7. Cover Fire

Cover Fire Apk Download

This action packed game with great graphics should be your top choice if you are looking for shooting games that you can play offline. The game has multiple characters to choose from and a magnificent collection of weapons. The characters in the game are diverse and each has a unique ability that can be used in the various battle situations that the game will throw at you. As the player, you will be required to build strategies to win the war against enemy organizations. You will have to lead a team of brave men and controlling the actions of each soldier.

You can download Cover fire free on Play Store

8. Mad Bullets

Mad Bullets Apk Download

If you are looking f or a break from the typical shooting games, then you must try out Mad Bullets. A crazy and funny shooter game, Mad bullets is your chance to live the Wild Wild West life.

As compared to the others in this list, the game is quiet fast paced. Your  enemies would include, funny characters like robot cowboy, Ninjas and piranhas. The game controls are easy to maneuver around. So get set for action with a laughter riot. It is probably the most quirky game on our list of best offline shooting games for Android in 2019, but we do hope there are more to come like this one.

Download Mad Bullets on Play Store here

9. Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf Apk Download

Our list of the best offline shooting games for Android would be missing important games without this game. Lone Wolf is an action packed sniper game with a neo-noir setup. The game has been strictly mentioned to be suitable for 17 years and above. With a detailed and gripping storyline, the game is challenging and puts you in situations where you sometimes need to let go of your morales as well. A brutal sharp shooter game, Lone Wolf is definitely not a game for the faint hearted.

Download Lone Wolf for free here

10. Shadowgun

Shadowgun Apk Download

Shadowgun is about a notorious bounty hunter, John Slade. Set in the year 2350, the final aim of John is to kill Dr. Edgar Simon, a psychotic leader with a sharp mind. The villain here has a mutant army of his own which the protagonist has to face until he finds the culprit behind it all. The enemies army in the game includes, cyborgs, battle droids, and mutant humans. You will get ships, advanced weapons and an android assistant by the name S.A.R.A. It is a third person shooter (TPS) shooting game.

Purchase and download Shadowgun from Play Store.

11. Into The Dead

Into The Dead Apk Download

If you love zombie movies and stories, the, Into The Dead is an awesome game to download. The game is unlike the mainstream shooter games and has many FPS elements to it. The game,as the name suggests is about a world of zombie apocalypse and you have to protect yourself from being attacked by the zombies hook or by crook. The game has many powerful weapons, and you will have many challenging  missions and mini goals as well.  Earn bonuses after the successful completion of these tough challenges. An endless runner game, just run and gun down as many zombies as you can.

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Download Into The Dead free from Play Store here

Free Offline Shooting Games For Android 2020

Best Free Offline Shooting Games

If you are looking for offline shooting games you can download for free, then you should consider downloading any of the games listed below. All the games listed below have their own unique features so you have to download the one that serves you best. Let’s take a look at those offline shooting games that are free to download.

12. Kill Shot Bravo

Kill Shot Bravo Apk Download

Kill Shot Bravo is a perfect sniper game which rivals the Hitman game series. I love the gun selection and the strategies involved in getting the kills. You will play as a covert assassin where you will infiltrate military bases and highly secured compounds to kill your targets. From guerrilla combat in jungle mountain ranges to recon missions on Mediterranean islands, you will neutralize the enemies with your excellent sniper skills. The game also features interactive vehicles which I love as not many mobile games offer this feature. Overall, it’s one of the best sniper games on the Play Store and you should definitely play it if you enjoy playing a covert assassin.

Download the game for free here

13. Major Mayhem 2

Major Mayhem Apk Download

Major Mayhem is a game which brought a side-scroller shooter game where you get to shoot at everything that moves. The new “Major Mayhem 2” game builds upon its predecessor by bringing new missions where you will have hundreds of bad people to shoot and dozens of hostages to save. The game brings 7 unique guns, each with their own shooting style so you never get bored. I love the colorful graphics which I am a fan off and its gameplay is more relaxing. This is a game you want to play when you don’t have the time and energy to create strategies. Just launch the game and start shooting.

Download Major Mayhem 2 free from Play Store

14. Overkill 3

Overkill 3 Apk download

Overkill 3 is a fast-paced third person shooter that guides you through different levels where you just have to find shoot bad guys. This approach of guided levels is called being on rails. However, it only sounds simple, but when you start the game you are presented with a difficulty level and the higher you choose the difficulty, the harder the game gets. Especially, when you are confronted by a boss, you will actually feel the heat. Boss battles are amazing and require a lot of quick reflexes to actually defeat the bosses. The graphics are quite amazing and Overkill 3 provides a great shooting experience for Android.

The game is available for free on Play Store, click here to download.

15. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 Apk Download

Dead Effect 2 is an amazing shooter for Android that continues the legacy of its predecessor. The first Dead Effect was actually the first competent shooter on Android. Dead Effect 2 improves upon everything that Dead Effect brought to Android. You get to enjoy amazing graphics, great story, and a high-octane gameplay that will absorb you right in. The game offers a lot of content for you to enjoy. This horror-themed shooting game is the perfect way to kill your time. A plethora of weapons and gadgets and around 20 hours of single-player campaign that’s both intriguing and highly exciting will keep you hooked. If you want an offline shooting game for Android that provides you with a great storyline then try out Dead Effect 2.

Download Dead Effect 2 free from here

16. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 Apk Download

Dead Trigger 2 is the sequel to the popular zombie-killing game, Dead Trigger. This game is all about killing oncoming hordes of zombiesin different ways. Use a plethora of weapons to mow down these undead bastards. Use flamethrowers to incinerate them or use a Gatling gun to blast them into tiny little pieces. The game also incorporates a lot of humor and quirky references that will at least give you a chuckle while you are mowing down zombies wave after wave. If you like great graphics and a challenging gameplay then Dead Trigger is definitely the perfect game for you.

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Download the game for free here

17. Battle of Bullet

Battle Of Bullet Apk Download

If you are looking for shooter games where you have to fight through entire armies, then this is the game for you. The game offers a challenging outline where you will have lead resistance and command elite forces to vanquish your enemies. You will play as a part of special forces where your aim will be totake out enemies with your special sniper and attack skills. There are tons of different guns to choose from and so the shooting never feels stale. The game brings an exceptional first-person shooter experience with great touch controls, so you never feel lost. If you enjoy world war based FPS games then you are going to love this one.

Download Battle of Bullet free from here.

18. Unkilled

Unkilled Apk Download

Unkilled takes you on a shooting rampage where you try to kill as many zombies as possible with a large arsenal of deadly weapons. There are numerous missions in the game and each mission requires you to use different weapons. So, you must go to your armory and upgrade or buy newer weapons to actually stand a chance against the powerful zombies. You can either enjoy the campaign mode that offers a decent amount of content or try our your hand in the Skirmish mode where you will have to survive against the onslaught of the undead. If you are looking for a good-looking, zombie killing shooter then Unkilled definitely one of the strongest choices you can make.

Download the game free from Play Store 

19. Into the Dead 2

Into The Dead 2 Apk Download

Just like its predecessor, Into the Dead 2 is not your traditional shooter game rather it’s an endless runner game which mixes enough FPS elements to give you a unique experience that is fun to play. You are playing as a survivor in a world infested by zombies and your aim is to save your family. In your quest, you will have to collect weapons, upgrade them, and form a friendship with your loyal dogs so that you can complete the journey and save your family. The game has seven different endings so the choices you make will affect your outcome. If you love shooting and endless runner games, this is a must play game for you.

Download the game for free here

20. Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

Modern Combat 5 Apk

This is a game where you step onto the battlefield and answer the call with the title that raised the bar for first person shooter games with its great graphics, high-powered guns and intense online multiplayer action. You can create a squad from 9 classes, add your friends for team play and test your skills in dynamic warfare against online rivals from around the world. If you prefer to work alone then step into the thrilling solo play campaign as you shoot your way through one dire situation after another to save the world as you launch an attack against a lunatic’s apocalyptic plans.

You can download the geme for free here

Top 20 Best Offline Shooters You Can Play on Android and Tablet

We have listed out 20 offline shooting games we consider to be best and is niw left for you to choose the one that serves you best. If you wish to play online games but don’t have data, feel free to use this and get unlimited free data. I hope this article helps, if you have a game you will like to mention, we would love to hear from you on the comment section below.  Don’t forget to share this article using any of the share buttons below.

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