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I want to uses free browsing cheat on PC, I need PC free browsing cheat or how can I browse freely using my PC that is PC free browsing settings are amongĀ  the questions most of our readers usually ask and today we have dedicated this post to help solve this issue so that everyone will keep enjoying free internet browsing irrespective of the platform one wants to use.

PC Free Browsing Cheat

In this guide, we are going to show you how to use Hammer VPN Unlimited free browsing on your PC as most people have been asking me how they can configure the Hammer VPN to work on PC (Laptop or Desktop)

Let’s get started at once but before then, feel free to check any of the followings :

Requirements To Use Free Browsing Cheat On PC

Just like I said earlier that I am going to show you Hammer VPN MTN Free Browsing Cheat Settings For PC and for us to achieve that, we are going to need some Applications for that to work for us.

The followings are what you will need:

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How To Set Up Free Browsing Cheat On PC

  • After installing your JAVA successfully, connect your Modem to your PC or connect to your Mifi/Wifi with your MTN sim without active data
  • Right-click on the Tunnelguru PC app and Run As Administrator
  • Change the protocol to AntiDPI-UDP
  • Recommended Servers: SingaporeĀ &Ā France
  • Rport: 80Ā orĀ 8080
  • After putting these settings, then click theĀ Connect buttonĀ 
  • Working hammer vpn free browsing cheat pc settings

Once the TAP has been successfully installed,simply go back to your tunnel guru app and hitĀ connect.

This settings works and powers all app on your PC and is working very fast.

How To Configure Your PC DNS To Increase Browsing & Download Speed

Firstly open yourĀ Control Panel, click on “View Network Status and Task

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> Then click on Active Network

Firstly open your Control Pannel, click on "View Network Status and Task" > Then click on Active Network

A new window will pop-up, then tap on Properties

PC Free browsing settings for speed

Another window will open, Select and tap on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4)


Now click on “Use the following DNS server addresses

pc settings for better experience in free browsing

In the first box, type:Ā andĀĀ in the second box.

After you haveĀ  successfully type your DNS address, simply click OK to continue and that’s it, you can now start enjoying supper speed while browsing and downloading.

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