How to Receive Money Through Western Union in Nigeria 2021

How to Receive Money Through Western Union in Nigeria 2021

Western Union helps you receive money from foreign countries, for instance you can receive money from a family friend who is in America. I noticed that most people don’t know how they can receive money through Western Union and that is why I created this guide on this page to help solve the problem.

How To Receive Money through Western Union in Nigeria The best methods

In my recent post, I listed Western Union as one of the alternatives to PayPal but I didn’t actually wrote how to you can receive through this medium. Most people who asked me about opening a PayPal account in Nigeria also asked how they can receive money through Western Union. I am writing this post to address those questions so that can do it all by yourself.

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Now let’s see how to receive money through Western Union in Nigeria but before we do that, it’s important we know some limitations just like this one.

Western Union limits in Nigeria

  • You can transfer your funds using WU only within the country if you are located in Nigeria.
  • Foreigners are allowed sending you money from different countries to Nigeria if they provide you with your MTCN code (this is the special money transfer control number).
  • Money recipient has to provide his or her ID card to get money.
  • A recipient has to know the Test Question and answer for the transaction.
  • If you receive more than $10,000 (or the equivalent in Naira), your transaction has to be reported to Central Bank of Nigeria.


Requirements To Receive Money Through Western Union In Nigeria

To be able to receive Western Union Money transfers from any bank in Nigeria:

  • You must be able to provide a valid MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number), which is a 10-digit reference code assigned to every single money transfer made using WU.
  • Funds must be sent with Customer’s First and last name which must match with Account Name
  • You must be able to provide the sender’s name
  • You must enter the amount expected in NAIRA (conversion rate is determined by Western Union, and can be confirmed from the sender of funds)
  • Country of Origin of Funds Test question and answer

How to receive Western Union Transfers using ATMs in Nigeria:

  • Visit the ATM machine of the bank with which you own an account and which is Western Union agent.
  • Press any button on the ATM and click on the Western Union option.
  • Provide all necessary information, including sender’s country (or country/ISO code), sender’s full name, your full name, MTCN etc.
  • Provide your 10-digit NUBAN and confirm your transaction.

Wait until the transaction is confirmed and processed, after which you’ll receive the funds into your bank account.

How to receive Western Union transfer at any Nigerian Bank

Most banks in Nigeria are WU agents. Follow these steps to receive your money:

  • Visit any bank branch in Nigeria that is a WU agent.
  • Approach any of the customer care personnel within that bank and tell them you wish to receive WU funds.
  • You will need to provide MTCN and other information to confirm your funds. In addition, some banks may request a means of identification, most especially if you don’t have an account with them.
  • If you meet up with all the requirements, your funds will be paid to you in cash or transferred to your bank account upon your request.

How to Receive money from Western Union via QuickTeller:

  • Visit the portal dedicated by Quickteller for receiving WU funds using:
  • Select your bank from the list of options available. Quickteller supports reception of funds using Stanbic IBTC, Wema, Polaris, Access, and Zenith bank accounts.
  • Fill in your MTCN, Sender and Receiver details in the appropriate boxes and click on ‘Continue’
  • Wait until Quickteller confirms the transfer details.
  • Enter your bank account details and confirm you want to receive your funds via that bank account.

After completing the above steps, you’ll receive an alert of your WU funds within a few hours.

Note: to be able to use Quickteller to complete the transactions stated above, you must create a Quickteller profile. If you already have one, all you need to do is log in to your account.

That’s it on how to receive money through Western Union in Nigeria, if you have any question regarding this the comment box is always open for that and I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

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