How To Save Up RAM Space In Your Android And Still Have Many Apps.

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Save Up RAM On Android Phone And Still Have Many App

One of the greatest challenges android users face is the consumption of RAM space by multiple apps. When there are so many apps installed in your android device, it tends to require enormous RAM to run them efficiently. This may cause the device to be lagging.

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This is infoguide (article) is intended to bring to your notice how you can have so many apps installed in your phone and get them to run efficiently without issues.

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Do you know that you can freeze and unfreze app in your smartphone?

Here is how you can do it.

How to manage your smartphone RAM

You can freeze the apps you are not currently using and unfreeze them whenever you want to make use of them. The beauty of this is that when an app is freeze down, it doesn’t take up RAM space on your device. This allows your android to run efficiently.

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You can install all the apps you which to have. All you have to do is freeze when you don’t need it and unfreeze when you need it.

How to freeze and unfreeze apps in your android:

Use the Xmanager(I’m using Infinix HOT5. But the app may have a different name in another device. It could be HiManager or so).

1. Go to your app menu

2. Select XManager

Save android ram
Select Xmanager

3. When it opens, select app manager.

Save ram
Select App Manager

4. In the next menu, select app disable.

Save phone space
Select App Disable

5. You will be shown a list of all your apps. Select the one you wish to freeze and you’re done.

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Save android space
Select The Apps You want to freeze

Follow the same steps to unfreeze.

That’s all for now.

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