Sky VPN Free Browsing Settings With Glo

Glo free browsing cheat with SkyVPN Settings

Are you still looking for free browsing to surf  the internet freely every time you want ,that is one of our goals @ Infouigers. We have been sharing free browsing tips that are currently working. Those free browsing includes but not limited to the followings :

We think the above listed free browsing are not enough so we have decided to give you more options for you choose the one that best suits you.

In today’s free browsing tip, we are going to show you how to browse freely using Sky VPN With Glo Free Browsing .

{Hot?Unlimited }Sky VPN Free Browsing Cheat With Glo

SkyVPN Free Browsing Cheat With Glo
Free Browsing Using SkyVPN + Glo

SkyVPN is a VPN that gives you free internet data for you to browse any website and unlock any App. It gives you free 500MB traffic in your account once you install the app.

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Unlike the other Glo free browsing cheat  that requires some tweaking, this particular Glo free browsing with Sky VPN dosen’t require much. All you need is to have the below listed items available.

Requirements For SkyVPN Free Browsing Cheat With  Glo

Just like I said earlier that it doesn’t require much from you. Just have :

  • Your Smartphone
  • A Glo sim card without any data and airtime
  • Stable Glo 3G or 4G network location
  • Your SkyVPN of which you can download from here

When you have successfully downloaded the Sky VPN, just do the following

How To Get Free Data On SkyVPN With Glo

Glo free browsing cheat with SkyVPN Settings

Now that you have downloaded the Sky VPN all you have to do is to

  • Install Sky VPN
  • Open the app
  • Click the menu icon on the top left corner
  • Click on premium traffic
  • Click on Daily Check-in to earn 75MB free data
  • Click on I’m feeling lucky to earn 25MB free data

You have to know that there are other ways to earn free data on Sky VPN just like earning free Bitcoin online with this App but you need to have internet connection.

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Ways To Earn Or Get Free Data On SkyVPN

There are up to 5 ways of which you can get free data on SkyVPN which includes the followings :

1. Watching Videos

SkyVPN rewards you with for watching short advert videos . This simply means that the more video advertisement you watch the more free traffic you get from SkyVPN

2. Daily Check-in

I have mentioned this earlier. Daily check-in is one of the ways you can use and get free traffic on SkyVPN. Just like I said above, when you click on daily check-in you get free data.

3. Test Your Luck

I have also made mention of this that us to say that it is one of the ways to get free traffic on SkyVPN. I think it is one of the ways you must take advantage of. You get free data when you click on I’m feeling lucky.

4. Complete An Offer

I have not talked about this before but it is one of the ways to get free traffic from SkyVPN. I think it is the fastest when it comes to getting free data on SkyVPN.

5. Invite Your Friends

This one of the ways to get free traffic from SkyVPN and I consider this to be best  because if  you have lots of friends on a social platform like Telegram, they are going to be very useful to you in this aspect .

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How To Upgrade To Get Premium Account On SkyVPN

SkyVPN Premium Account Free Browsing cheat

To get premium account on SkyVPN, you have to do the following

  • Go to App Home page
  • Click on the Premium account button
  • A massage will appear asking whether you want to upgrade
  • Click on upgrade
  • Select United States as your region  and you are done

Once you follow the above steps properly, you will definitely get what you want.

We have helped you by providing you with this very useful information. You can also help others by just sharing this article using any of the share buttons and don’t forget to always leave a comment in the comment section below.  Keep visiting for more amazing  tech solution and guide updates.


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