Skye Bank USSD Code And Best Way To Transfer Money With Short Codes

Skye Bank USSD Transfer Code
What Is Skye Bank USSD Transfer Code

This information guide is all about Skye Bank USSD Transfer Code and how to perform transaction with Skye Short Code so let’s know what Skye bank USSD is.

What Is Skye Bank USSD Transfer Code

Skye Bank USSD Transfer Code
What Is Skye Bank USSD Transfer Code?    Skye Bank USSD Is *833#

Skye Bank USSD Transfer Code is *833# which is the Skye Bank Smart Code. With this Skye Bank Short Code you can be able to perform transactions with your smart devices . You can use this Skye mobile transfer code to do the followings :

  1. Open Account
  2. Airtime Topup/ Recharge
  3. Transfer Funds
  4. Bills Payment
  5. Check Account Balance
  6. Card Hostlist
  7. BVN Update
  8. Master Pass

See image below :

Skye mobile transfer shortcode
Skye Mobile

How To Perform Transactions With Skye Mobile Short Code

If you want to start perform any form of transaction using the Skye bank USSD Transfer Code You have to do a very simple thing which is to dial *833# and follow the prompt.

The Skye Bank Mobile USSD Code is *833# which is the Smart Code for Skye bank but some times you may be in haste and might not want to dial *833# and follow the prompt that’s why I have complied the following Skye Bank Short Codes. You can use them to get quick access to a particular transaction you want to perform .This Shortcodes comprises of all the Skye Bank Mobile banking codes , let’s take a look at these codes.

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Skye Bank Mobile Banking Short Codes

  • Skye Bank  Transfer Code : *833*3#
  • Skye Bank Airtime Recharge / Topup Code : *833*8#
  • Skye Bank Account Opening Code : *833*1#
  • Skye Bank Bills Payment Code : *833*2#
  • Skye Bank Balance Enquiry Code : *833*6#
  • Skye Bank BVN Update Code : *833*5#
  • Skye Bank Master Pass Code : *833*7#
  • Skye Bank Hotlist Card Code : *833*4#

How To Register For Skye Bank Transfer Code

To register for Skye Mobile banking transfer code, follow the steps below :

  1. Get your mobile phone  and dial *833# You can register for mobile banking using  your phone number, (the phone number that is linked to your Skye Bank account)
  2. Enter your skye bank account number as requested , ensure you input  your 10 digit Nigeria Uniform Account Number (NUBAN)
  3. Input any 4 digit number of your choice you can use as your PIN, you will be using this PIN for authentication purposes when performing transactions. Ensure your PIN is kept secret because anyone who can access your phone and knows your PIN can perform any form of transactions on your account without your knowledge.

When you are done with the  above guidelines, congratulations because you have successfully registered for the *833# Skye Mobile banking .

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How To Transfer Funds With Bank Transfer Code

To transfer money using the Skye Bank Mobile short code, You can dial *833*3# or just do the following :

  1. Using the phone number you used when registering  when opening  your skye bank account dial *833*Amount*Account Number#. example: *833*5000*6232798930#
  2. Choose the bank you want to transfer the money to from the list of banks shown to you
  3. You will see the name of the account you want to transfer to (Check if it corresponds)
  4. Input your 4 digit security PIN to validate your transaction.

How To Recharge / Topup Airtime Using Skye Bank  Short Code

You can buy airtime for yourself or other people like your family members and friends. Below is how you can do that :

To recharge for yourself, just dial *833*Amount# for instance *833*500#

To recharge for other people (family and friends) just dial *833*Amount*Phone Number# for instance *833*500*08106349312#

Chose the network and enter your 4 digit security pin, that’s all.

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How To Check Your  Skye Bank Account Balance With USSD Short Code

You can easily check your account balance using Skye USSD Mobile code, all you have to do is to dial *833*6# as I have stated earlier or just dial *833# and select option number 6. Follow the instructions on the screen and enter your 4 digit security pin.

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Note that you will be charged N10 whenever you check your account balance using Skye Bank USSD.

How To Pay Bills Using  Skye Bank USSD Short Code

You can pay for your GOTV, Spectranet, DSTV and other subscriptions using the skye bank Ussd short code. To pay for your bills from your phone just dial *833*2#  using the phone you registered with your account number, follow this easy steps

  1. Dial *833*2#
  2. From the displayed merchants or service providers, choose  the one you want to pay
  3. Enter the amount you want to pay for the subscription
  4. Enter  your 4 digit security pin to authenticate your transaction

Note: If you face any difficulty while  trying to register or perform transactions, contact skye bank through any of the followings: 0700 SKYEBANK , 0700 75932265, 0806 988 0000, 01 4482 100, 01 2705 850, Email: [email protected]

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