New Stark VPN Cheat With MTN Free Browsing Cheat February 2022

Stark VPN Cheat

Stark VPN makes your browsing experience awesome in addition to that awesome experience, we are going to share a new Stark VPN cheat also known as stark vpn mtn cheat. Our users have been enjoying free browsing tweaks and you don’t want to be left behind. If you have missed any of our free browsing, check out some of them below :

Check out any of the links above so that you too will start enjoying like others. If you have benefited from any of the above free tips, let’s proceed to today’s own.

What is Stark VPN

Stark VPN is an app that allows you to browse the internet via virtual private network that protects  and keeps your online activities and other use away from prying eyes such as your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Having known what Start VPN is, we are going to see how we can browse for free using this Vpn with MTN to get unlimited data.

How To Browse Free With Stark VPN

You can browse the internet freely using Stark VPN settings we are about to share on your MTN sim. I will be showing you two methods you can use in this article. I will advise you to read the two methods and know the one that serves you best.

Stark VPN Stettings For Free MTN Free Browsing

This is the first method you can use to get free browsing with Stark VPN. You will need a configuration file of which I will provide you the link in this article or you can drop your number in the comment section.  Without much wast of time, check out all you need for this Stark VPN cheat to work.

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  • A Smartphone (android).
  • Prepaid MTN SIM.
  • Stable MTN Network coverage.
  • Spark VPN cheat app. (Download  from the link below)
  • Spark VPN Config. File. (Download from the link below)

How To Step Stark VPN cheat  (1st Method)

  • VPN config. file ( Download links provided at the end of this article).
  • Click  on Tweaks at the top right corner of the app.
  • Find the Spark VPN Config file you download and click on the file to import it.
  • When you have successfully imported the Spark VPN config file just wait for the app to automatically Connect. If it doesn’t connect automatically click on the connect button yourself
  • You have successfully connected and you can now enjoy  Start VPN free Browsing .Stark VPN Cheat

Download Stark VPN

Download Stark VPN Config File

New MTN Free Browsing  Settings For Stark VPN Cheat

Stark VPN MTN Cheat


  • An Android phone
  • MTN sim without data
  • 3G or 4G network
  • Stable Network coverage
  • Stark VPN – Download Here
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How To Step Stark VPN cheat  (2nd Method)

  • Download and install the app, launch Stark Vpn
  •   Under Select Tweak, choose Custom.
  • Click the Custom at the right corner.
  • Tap Select Connection Mode and choose HTTP
  • Tap Server Port and put 8080.
  •  Click, Header Host and put or
  • Tap Select Header Line Type and choose MultiLine
  •  Tap Proxy Host and put
  • Tap Proxy Port and put 8080
  • Go back to the app home page. Use the AUTO SERVER and tap on the power button to
  • Flex free browsing on your MTN line with Stark VPN cheat.

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