Latest working mtn mpulse free browsing cheat setting and configuration file
Latest working mtn mpulse free browsing cheat

{Updated} New Tweakwear & Configuration File For MTN mPulse 100% Working

I am looking for the latest way to use my MTN mPulse data anywhere. I want the current and working tweak to power my mPulse data.  In this post, I got covered in all you hace to do and start using your mpulse data again.

Still on MTN mPulse data plan, I recently published some posts on how to use your mPulse data. You can check it out below :

In today’s post, I will be showing you how to use Tweakware on your MTN mpulse data plan. Before  you can be able to do this, let’s see what you need to have.

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Latest working mtn mpulse free browsing cheat setting and configuration file
Latest working mtn mpulse free browsing cheat

Requirements For MTN mPulse tweak with Tweakware

Just like other tweak settings, all you need for this to work for you is simple and and easy to get. Below are what you should need:
1.Your MTN Sim Card
1. Active Mtn Mpulse Data Plan
2. Tweakware Apk – Download from Play store OR DOWNLOAD Here
3. Mtn Tweakware Config – Download HERE Or From our Whatsapp group.

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When you are done with getting those requirements,the next thing is setting them up. Let’s see how you can do that.

How To Set Up Tweakware & Configuration File To Power All Apps With mpulse Data Bundle.

After you’ve successfully downloaded tweakware VPN and the configuration file Follow the steps below :

1. Open your Tweakware app

2. Click on “Settings” and select “Tweak Import

Mtn mpulse cheat settings with tweakware
Click on settings and import file

4. Find and Locate the folder that contains your downloaded config and click on it.

5. Go back to the homepage of your tweakware and select “Import Tweak” as your choice

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6. Click on the “CONNECT” button and start enjoying as usual!

That’s  it for now.
Do drop us comment if it works for you or if you are facing issues.

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Stay tuned for other free browsing cheats.

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