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Unreal Surfers 64 Bit For Windows 10 PC Fast Download

Unreal Surfers 64 Bit For Windows 10 PC Fast Download

Unreal Surfers is a remaked version of Subway Surfers Android and iOS mobile game, this time it is available for Windows 10 PC.

On this page, you will download Unreal Surfers Windows 10 game made by Fatdino using unreal engine 4. The most realistic runner game for PC with intense graphics that will make you fall in love with playing on pc.

Though there is no description from the the developer concerning this game, however, it cannot be played on low-end pc, or an average pc with over 8GB RAM because the game is very demanding.

File Information:

Program File: unreal-surfers-win64 .zip
Published: September 20, 2020
Status: Released
Platforms: Windows
Rating: (5 stars)
Author: FatDino
Genre: Action, Runner
Version: 1

Features of Unreal Surfers PC Game

1. The game is set in night mode with beautiful colors.
2. The trains are now realistic.
3. Character change, better physics while jumping.
4. Cars moving in the right and left lanes, far from the train rails.
5. Can be played on Windows PC.

How To Download Unreal Surfers  For Windows PC (EXE)

For you to download this game on your PC, there are some requirements you must meet. Thanks to ‘MaKraMc’ on the game’s official download page, we were able to get the direct download link which is way faster than the default where the developer uploaded it to.

Below are the requirements:

Minimum Specs / Download:
  • GTX1060
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • 16GB RAM
  • Core i5
➔ No password.


How To Install Unreal Surfers Subway Surfers Mod on PC

Download Unreal Surfers 64 Bit Windows

Download Unreal Surfers 64 Bit Windows

Installing the game on your pc is quite simple if you follow the steps below:

Download Unreal Surfers game from the above Mega link.
2. Unzip “” using the WinRAR program.
3. Run the extracted program to play.


GAME Settings and How To Play

Download Unreal Surfers 64 Bit


1. It works with the keyboard, use A and D to move left and right.
2. Press the space bar on the keyboard to jump, while S will force-land.
1. Press Shift + 1 to change graphics to low.
2. Press Shift + 2 to change graphics to medium.
3. Press Shift + 3 to change graphics to high.
4. Press Shift + 4 to change graphics to Ultra.


In summary, this game will work on your pc if you have the requirements. The game is well structured for pc game lover particularly, Subway Surfers lovers.

This game doesn’t violate Subway Surfers brand, it was developed from scratch, but inspired by the mobile game.

If you face any challenge or have any question, kindly use the comment box.

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