WhatsApp marketing: 5+ most lucrative ways to make money on Whatsapp

Ways To Make Money On Whatsapp
Make Money On WhatsApp Now

There are so many ways to make money online and I am pretty sure you have heard about most of them, but did you know there are also ways to make money on whatsapp? I guess not.
Whatsapp has been one of the biggest chatting apps in recent times and we do not think it is going down anytime soon. With whatsapp, you get to contact your family and friends via audio call, video call or mere chatting. It is really cool but few people know how to convert it into something that will fetch those cash.
With over 1 billion downloads on playstore, you know whatsapp is just the big deal this year and if you do not take advantage of it now, it might be too late when you finally do.
Not a lot of people have gone into whatsapp marketing and they miss the different ways to make money with whatsapp but those that have little knowledge can testify how well it works for them.
You are in luck today because you will be learning the nine most legit and lucrative ways to make money with whatsapp.
We have all heard about facebook marketing, information marketing, email marketing, messenger marketing but not many people have heard of whatsapp marketing and that is why we are bringing you this post today.
You can earn full time income from whatsapp marketing and pay your bills. You could even earn more than the minimum wage from whatsapp and that is really cool considering that many people do not even earn up to the minimum wage.
It is not compulsory to have a huge capital and a laptop before you start earning money on whatsapp. With as little as your Smartphone and internet connection, you are set to go.
These are the coolest ways to make money on whatsapp and we will explain each and everyone for you.

5 Most Lucrative Ways To Make Money On Whatsapp

Ways To Make Money On Whatsapp
Make Money On WhatsApp Now
  • Affiliate marketing

  • CPA marketing

  • Drop shipping

  • Mini importation

  • Online tutorials

These are the five cool ways to make money on whatsapp so let us start explaning with them one after the other:

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method of marketing where you get paid to help people promote their businesses. When you do affiliate marketing, you earn a particular commission for every successful sale you make. The trick is to just get people to buy whatever it is that you are promoting.
You can be earning close to N45,000 monthly from this alone. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Gather whatsapp phone numbers
  • Join an affiliate program
  • Find a product people will be interested in
  • Create your own affiliate link and shorten
  • Write a short post about that product and forward it to all your whatsapp contacts
  • When people buy from your link, you earn a commission which they pay you at the end of the month.

It is just that simple. Most people who use affiliate marketing also have blogs and that they use in promoting products. This is a great addition and one of the cool ways to make money on whatsapp. Consider joining this affiliate program or this.

CPA marketing

CPA marketing is an acronym for Cost per Action marketing. With CPA marketing, you get paid when someone completes an action from your link. The action may vary and it is almost like affiliate marketing. The difference is just that; in affiliate marketing, someone must buy a product while CPA marketing requires performing an action like submitting emails, downloads, and many others. All you have to do is find any legit CPA programs and join them. You might need a blog to do this while some might not require a blog. If you get approved, copy your unique referral link and start promoting them to your whatsapp contacts. You can earn as much as $5 per click and you can get paid using Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account you can read this complete guide to creating a paypal account.

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Drop shipping

This business hasn’t really kicked off but is one of the most lucrative ways to make money on whatsapp. Here is how drop shipping simply works:
Someone orders for a product. You help them purchase it online directly to their doorstep without coming in contact with the retailer. There are different drop shipping sites but the best is still aliexpress because of the free shipping feature. So how can you apply it on whatsapp and make money? It is just like the affiliate marketing style. You promote the product to them but at a slightly higher price, they contact you if they need it, you collect their details and order it to their house.You get your money and the retail store gets theirs. You can also use Jumia, konga and Amazon for drop shipping and get paid. It is still one of the most untapped ways to make money on whatsapp.

Mini importation

Should I say this is the cousin of drop shipping. In drop shipping you import straight to the buyer’s house while in mini importation you import to your store and sell at a higher price. Mini importation is another lucrative and one of the untapped ways to make money on whatsapp. All you have to do is keep promoting each product to the right people but do not overdo it to prevent you from looking spammy and they might begin to block you. You can use Aliexpress also for mini importation.

Online tutoring

I personal encourage this among all the ways of making money on whatsapp. You can start a small tutorial group on whatsapp and people to partake every month or every week. Once you teach what people want to learn, the word will spread and many people will also pay to join your group to learn. Sssshhhhh! Do not tell anyone, it is a secret but this is the best way to make money on whatsapp. Take this instance: You offer a tutorial at N3000 monthly and you have 100 members. You understand me now. The only problem with this is finding the right people to teach and the right thing to teach about. Once you got this right, you will earn close to half a million every month.

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Other Ways of Making Money on WhatsApp

There are other ways of making money on WhatsApp but the one am going to include here is a bonus tip. I called it bonus tip because you don’t need much before you start making money using this tip. You may be thinking it is another new thing but trust me it is a daily activity. It is no other thing but:

Data Reselling Business

You can make huge money on WhatsApp by just reselling data pack to people. Data is what we use in our everyday life.You can imagine a life without data will be like. Telecommunication companies makes lots of money from providing internet service and you can also earn from this by becoming a data reseller and doing that is as simple as anything you can think of. Consider reading this full guide on data reselling business.
You can also make  money on Whatsapp with VTU business .

Whays To Make Money On WhatsApp
Ways To Make Money On WhatsApp By Infoguiders.com
That’s it on ways to make money online with Whatsapp.
Do you have other better methods of making money from Whatsapp? The comment section is open for that.
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