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Wowapp-ways to make money

Showing you ways to make money online even while you sleep is one of our goals here at Infoguiders. In recent time, we posted an article on App that gives you free Bitcoin everyday. In today’s article I am going to show you an app pays you for doing what you have been doing online all this while you browse the internet. In case you need data to browse the internet, check out our free browsing.

How to Get paid to chat with friends and perform tasks.

There’s an app that pays you to chat with friends and perform simple tasks. You have probably heard of this but many have scammed you and you probably don’t believe in them anymore.
Well, we have just the right one for you that pays you to chat with friends. It’s a really cool messaging app.

While Facebook earns when you use it, to chat and don’t pay you any revenue, this app pays you 75% of their revenues and you can withdraw it directly into your PayPal account or bank. In case you don’t have PayPal account that receives money, you can check out this article on how to create Paypal account that sends and receives money.

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It’s really cool and has over 1million downloads on play store. Not everybody is fortunate enough to get at this kind of opportunity you have now.

There are so many ways to earn with this app and they are all free. The app is free and easily accessible.What is app am even talking about, please permit  me to introduce you to WowApp.

What is WowApp

Wowapp-ways to make money

Wowapp is a messenger app just like WhatsApp , Facebook Messenger or Instagram where can communicate and you get rewardeds when you communicate in this network. In Wowapp, you earn Wow coins and 1 Wow coin is equivalent to ¢1 (1 cent) .

In Wowapp, your earnings are displayed on the earning tab. There are many different ways you can earn from Wowapp of which I am going to show you shortly.

You can watch the video below  to know more about Wowapp

Here are the numerous  ways to earn from this app:

Ways to Earn Money From Wowapp

Ways to earn money on wowapp
Wayd To Earn Money On Wowapp

There are up to 7 different ways of which you can make money from Wowapp. Take a look at the ways you can make money from Wowapp below:

1. Chatting: When you are chatting with your Friends on other messaging apps, you don’t get paid but this is an exclusion as they pay you real cash to chat. The more you chat, the more you earn. You can as well create groups like Whatsapp and, send files, emojis and do many things while chatting.

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2. Taking surveys: There is also an option to earn by taking surveys and getting paid. This app finds surveys from some of the top survey sites and brings it for you to perform. They probably use their referral links from this survey sites and get paid when you take surveys then they share with you. It is legit but the surveys are not always available. Don’t worry, there are still other ways to make money from the app.

3. Watch videos: There’s always a video to watch every 30 minutes and you earn after watching each video to the end. These videos are usually 30 seconds videos and you earn some points which can be redeemed to cash and withdrawn.

4. Shop online: After using this app to shop online, you also earn a percentage of your money back. Just like a cash back except you will be rewarded with points which you can also redeem after getting to the threshold.

5. Refer friends: There’s also a 10 tier referral system that maximizes referral earnings.

6. :Lock Screen Ads: Lock Screen ads are only available for Android phones, but you’ll earn 50% of the ad revenue you generate from viewing ads on your lock screen.

7. Games: You Also earn wowpoints to play games on the app. A huge amount of games are available for you to choose from and you can pick anyone and start playing.

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Hoe To Join Wowapp And Start Earning

The sign up process is simple just do the following

  • Click here to go the sign up page
  • Click on join Chukwuka Solomon on Wowapp
  • Enter your email address and click next
  • Download the Wowapp
  • Create your username and password
  • Provide your profile picture
  • Enter your phone number to verify or
  • Go to your email and click on validate email.
  • Validate your account and start earning

Payment method of the Wowapp

They offer several ways to cash out your earnings, You could use donations also. The different ways are WowCredit, Mobile Credit, Credit Card Credit, PayPal, and Direct Deposit.
Through PayPal and credit card, there are some hidden charges but the rest seem to be free.
The minimum threshold for direct payment is $2.25 but there is no hidden charge.
The app also offers you credit to make phone calls and buy data plans.
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